Antifreeze Alaska: reliable stability

Антифриз Аляска, фото

the Russian-American organization Delfin Group, engaged in the production of high-quality consumables for cars, has been on the market for more than three decades. Products manufactured by the company, is respected by drivers and is very popular in the market. The list of the most popular products among consumers includes antifreeze Alaska.

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Key features of the composition

The concern uses its own technology for producing coolant, as opposed to competing analogues. The cooler has the following characteristics:

  • is practically neutral to ceramic elements and rubber seals;
  • extended service life;
  • prevents scale formation in the distribution system;
  • eliminates unwanted processes such as rusting of metal surfaces.


Products of Delfin Group were previously in demand only in the us market, then moved to Europe and then to Russia. The composition of the cooler is thoroughly thought out, so it can be used in a wide range of temperatures for different models of machines.

The refrigerant is well-established in the automotive transport corporations General motors, Volkswagen group and others.

Composition and types of antifreeze

The main component of the coolant is the simplest diatomic alcohol. To it is added a specially developed complex of additives, eliminating the formation of rust, foam, and increasing lubricity.

In the line of antifreezes Alaska can contain up to 40 different elements to give specific properties of the composition. It is noteworthy, but there are no harmful components in the antifreeze, which negatively affect the engine cooling system. Dangerous substances include amines, phosphates, nitrates.

Every day manufacturers are trying to improve the properties of the resulting product, by adding antifreeze, the corrosion inhibitors, antifoam, coloring components.

Antifreeze Alaska is divided into the following types, which differ in structure, characteristics of application and cost:


The composition has a high heat capacity. Antifreeze of this color has a very low pour point of the technical mixture. Crystallization starts from minus 40°C. the Upper permissible point is 50 degrees Celsius. This composition is ready for use, that is, it should not be diluted with distilled water.

Specifications red cooler correspond to the generally accepted standard G12+. In the consumable fluid there is the presence of special organic additives to increase the useful performance and service life of the motor. Using red antifreeze, the driver protects his power unit from scale and rust spots.


The main parameters of the green cooler are similar to the parameters of the red antifreeze. Pour point and feature of use, completely identical as the red composition, that is, the solution is already in the finished form and dilute it is not necessary. In the technical liquid, there are also no harmful compounds in the form of phosphates, amines, nitrates. Complies with G11 standards.


The temperature of solidification of the consumable is -40°C, and the upper limit of the operating temperature at which it is stable reaches +50. Available yellow antifreeze already diluted, so it can be safely poured under the hood of the machine.

As part of the yellow cooler no harmful impurities. The scope of use is wide enough, can be used in many models of cars. Complies with G13 standard.


Antifreeze of this color is considered the most popular in the range of coolers. Most car owners intuitively pour blue antifreeze, considering it the most effective of the existing varieties, but this is a misconception, because the color determines only the parameters of the finished product.

The blue cooler contains a complex of anti-corrosive, anti-foam additives. The freezing temperature of the working composition is at the level of -30, which makes it possible to use it in moderate frosts. The composition complies with SAE J 1034.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the composition:

  1. is Combined with antifreezes of other producers on the basis of ethylene glycol, and including inhibitors of corrosion processes;
  2. In the consumable contains special additives improving performance characteristics of the engine;
  3. Suitable for use in vehicles of AVTOVAZ group;
  4. No harmful compounds, which increases the useful life of the cooler in the system.

Among the weaknesses are a huge amount of counterfeit in the market of fuels and lubricants. Therefore, the purchase should be made in trusted outlets and official representatives.

According to the manufacturer, the Alaska cooler incorporates the best modern technology to provide protection from high and low temperatures. It is proved by practice and wide demand for refrigerant in shops of Russia, the United States and the European Union.

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