Antifreeze Felix

Антифриз Феликс

Is a modern refrigerant developed by Tosol – Sintez holding. Car chemistry of this company is an effective and high-quality development. To create Antifreeze Felix, which has many positive and useful characteristics, it took huge resources, namely the knowledge and years of experience of leading experts.

Antifreeze Felix (Felix)

Antifreeze Felix

Composition Features

The creators of the technical liquid worked hard on the creation of the product and provided for its use in any vehicle (cargo, passenger), regardless of the factors of congestion and external conditions. Felix refrigerant is used even in adverse weather conditions, its operating temperature range is from 45 degrees below zero to 50 degrees below zero.

Thanks to many years of research, Felix antifreeze received noticeable positive qualities in comparison with competitive compositions:

  • increase the resources of the propulsion system;
  • fuel economy;
  • protects the system from thermal shock (overheating, overcooling);
  • provides reliable anti-corrosion protection.

Felix cooler is considered an all-season product and meets all international standards. Universality is the main feature of its success.

Refrigerant Varieties

The assortment range of antifreezes Felix is low and includes several types of coolers of different colors: Carbox, energy, Prolonger, Expert. Consider the main types.

Red Carboxylic

This cooler has good technical characteristics, in particular long-term period of use. The shelf life of Felix product is 5 years. The cooling composition is considered all-season, that is used at any time of the year. Felix Carbox protects the skeletal system from the appearance of unwanted effects, for example, rust and scale.

The oil product is very popular among direct consumers, as it fully meets their expectations. This is evidenced by the numerous positive responses of people to the quality characteristics of the product.

There prolonger there green

The main positive feature is high anticorrosive resistance. The refrigerant perfectly protects the car engine from temperature jumps, preventing overheating or overcooling of the system. Felix Prolonger has excellent thermal conductivity, good lubricating effect and does not form foam when used.

Green antifreeze Felix managed to win the sympathy of ordinary consumers due to its positive qualities. Ordinary car owners note high lubricating performance with a low ability to form foam.

Energy yellow

For forced and heavy-duty engines operated on gas or gasoline, a special category of antifreeze is provided – Felix energy yellow. This technical product can be used in various cargo transport, water equipment and heavy devices. The main primary Energy are considered to be indicators of Felix:

  • Protection of metal surfaces of the propulsion system from corrosion processes, the formation of various deposits.
  • high mileage is not a reason for replacement of the cooling composition.
  • Made of high quality diatomic alcohol.
  • Has an increased heat dissipation capacity.
  • Affordable cost for the average consumer.

Expert blue

Expert – all-suitable product for use, as it can be used not only as a cooler motor vehicle systems, but also as a coolant for various heating systems. The composition does not have an increased service life, but is able to reliably resist rusting, cavitation and electrochemical corrosion.

It is worth noting that the additives developed by the manufacturer have regenerative properties, that is, restoring the lost characteristics. It is convenient when topping up antifreeze.

The main positive aspects of the Expert staff:

  • versatility;
  • resistance to different types of rusting of metal surfaces;
  • ability to restore the properties of the exhaust cooler.

Some recommendations

Before you change the cooler in the engine should determine the type of refrigerant to be replaced Felix. The most popular compositions among consumers are considered Expert and Carbox, as they have a high versatility.

In order for the vehicle to be maximally protected from the heat jump, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

  • Before entering the cooler into the engine of the car, it is necessary to wash the system from the former antifreeze with a special washing.
  • you should Not mix the coolants of different composition and characteristics.
  • it is Recommended to periodically look into the tank to check the level of antifreeze, if necessary, you should top up the cooling composition.

If a leak of the coolant is detected, then it is necessary to immediately begin to eliminate the flaw and not to continue the movement of transport.

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