Antifreeze G13

G13 – a completely new antifreeze, appeared a few years ago, is considered a representative of the new generation of coolers. Its base is propylene glycol alcohol together with various additives of mineral origin.

Antifreeze G13

The retarders used in the solution do not yet have an established name. Technical liquids of the new sample are available in yellow and orange shades. Standard cooler VW TL 774 J. They are safe for the environment, but have a noticeable price.

Antifreeze properties G13

Antifreezes are consumables that are used in the cooling system of the power device of the car. Their main purpose is to protect the mechanisms of the engine from crystallization. In addition to the cooling properties, they are able to perform a lubricating function, as well as anti-corrosion protection of parts.

Antifreeze G13 contains a huge amount of anti-corrosive additives, which is an excellent indicator for the liquid used in engines of modern production. In addition, the composition of antifreeze includes some flavoring additives, so that the consumer does not accidentally mix up the compositions.

Silicates, included in the antifreeze, create a special protective shell on the surface layer of parts, which prevents the formation of rust spots.

The main difference between the coolers G13 is considered a long service life, provided that it is poured into the new engine system of the car. If you miss the high cost of the product and environmental components, the cooler is similar in its technical properties with diatomic alcohol (ethylene glycol) G12++.

The acquired concentrated solution is diluted with purified or distilled water. Once the antifreeze has been diluted, it changes the temperature:

  • If the compositions are mixed in a ratio of 1:2, the crystallization temperature will be equal to minus 18 degrees, and boiling – 108 Celsius;
  • At the same ratio, that is 1 to 1, the freezing point is 37 frost, and the boiling point is close to 114 degrees Celsius.

Antifreeze G13 can be mixed with earlier versions of coolers that meet the standards of VW TL 774 D, F or G. It is for this reason that it has received mass use in Europe.


VAG G13 Antifreeze

Technical mixture that protects the car engine from crystallization, corrosion processes and temperature jumps at the same time. Applicable at any time of the year, goes well with aluminum engines.

Additives, which are included in the structural composition of the technical solution Vag G13, are not aggressive with respect to the rubber components included in the cooling system of the machine.

VAG G13 antifreeze has the following characteristics:

  • Protects against hardening. If the dilution of the concentrate is done correctly, the temperature range will vary from 25 to 40 frost.
  • Fireproof. The boiling point is at 135 degrees.
  • Prevents precipitation;
  • environmentally Friendly.

Motul inugel G13

Motul Inugel G13 coolers are produced with a concentrate that must be diluted with water. Typically, purified or distilled. The base of the solution is diatomic alcohol ethylene glycol and glycerin with a large number of additives of organic and inorganic origin.

In the production process, a special «Lobrid» scheme is used, which provides the maximum permissible protection of the cooling system mechanisms and extending their service life.

According to the manufacturer, the composition is recommended to be used in the available automotive line Vag. The technical mixture perfectly protects polymer and metal surfaces in the engine from temperature jumps, solidification, lime, rusting and increases the working shelf life of the water pump.


As you know, antifreezes differ in a set of components added to the composition. These additives impart to them certain beneficial properties. The cooling solution does not crystallize under the influence of low temperature parameters due to its chemical structure.

The boiling point of the coolers is several degrees higher than that of ordinary water. For this reason, the refrigerant can be used in all seasons.

Modern coolers are available in different colors, but it is impossible to determine the characteristics of the shade. Color plays only an auxiliary function – the color of the antifreeze is easier to determine the place of its leakage.

Each manufacturer has its own color solutions, so it is unacceptable to mix different compositions, focusing only on the shade. Additives introduced into the technical solution, even performing similar functions, are different in nature.

For example, some coolers use mineral salts as a sink for corrosion processes, while others use carboxylic acids. When mixed, they will enter into a chemical interaction. As a result of this mixing, deposits are formed, and the cooling solution will lose its useful properties and become unsuitable for use.

If the car is purchased through the second hands or it was necessary to change the type of antifreeze, then before pouring it is necessary to clean the channels of the motor system, that is, to wash. This procedure should be carried out by special means.

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