Antifreeze LIQUI Moli

Антифриз Ликви Моли, Liqui Moly

Liqui Moly Coolant is considered a consumable that is able to reduce the temperature in the working environment of the vehicle. But this is not the only useful indicator of the technical mixture – it performs many functions. Consider them on the example of antifreeze LIQUI Moth, get acquainted with the types and characteristics of the composition.

Antifreeze LIQUI Moli, Liqui Moly

Features-freeze eurolub

As you know, antifreeze literally translates as preventing freezing. In cooling solutions, this parameter is considered to be the main one. The main purpose of antifreezes is to remove thermal energy from the motor system, prevent the appearance of corrosion spots and foaming in working conditions.

Antifreezes are produced in the form of concentrated solutions that are ready for use. The bulk of the cooling mixtures must be mixed with purified water before pouring.

The true color of technostop – neutral, but often manufacturers make to the structure of a liquid coloring matter to the consumer is not confused poisonous solution with plain water.

The main component of any antifreeze – diatomic alcohol, usually ethylene glycol solution. Among themselves, they differ in packages of additives, which determine the main characteristics. If to systematize cooling liquids on the brought additives, it is possible to systematize them:

  • Inorganic compounds. They are often referred to as lime, as they contain silicates. Available in different shades – blue-green or yellow.
  • Organic. Their base is the carboxylate acid, which has anti-corrosive settings. The liquid is colored scarlet and orange.
  • Mixed groups. In the composition of such antifreezes there is a mixture of acid and silicates. It is painted in green, yellow or orange.

It is worth remembering that the coolants differ in additives and therefore they do not need to be mixed. If you mix different antifreezes, they will lose useful characteristics.

Useful working properties-freeze eurolub:

  • High boiling point of the product;
  • Low crystallization temperature;
  • Increased thermal conductivity;
  • Non-aggressive nature of the coolant effect on the motor system components;
  • Good stability of the substance;
  • Neutrality to rubber and other polymers included in the power device;
  • does Not form foam at high operating temperatures.

Base-freeze eurolub is considered monoethylene glycol. Manufacturers create these technical mixtures of blue-green and scarlet shades.


Concern LIQUI Moli produces 3 types of antifreezes:

Concentrated solution Kuhlerfrostschutz KFS 2000

It includes diatomic alcohol and a complete package of additives that prevent the development of corrosion and cavitation processes. Can be used in all types of engines (gasoline and diesel). The composition has no traces of phosphates, amines, nitrites. It has a bluish tint.

Allowed to mix with the cooling solution is Basic. The period of service is 2 years. Available in concentrated and diluted form, so before purchasing should carefully examine the packaging and label of the product. Before filling the engine must be washed with special solution Kuhler-Reiniger. Replacement is carried out annually.

Refrigerant Liqui Moly G11

A striking example is considered Kuhlerfrostschutz KFS 2001 plus, which is produced by carboxylate method of preparation. The mixture contains various additives that prevent corrosion and special stabilizers.

The cooling substance has excellent washing, lubricating, anti-foaming characteristics. Available in red color.

According to the manufacturer, this can be mixed with standard compositions. The value of the operating temperature values is determined by the volume of dissolution. Guaranteed shelf life – four years from the date of manufacture. Available in a diluted form, and concentrated.

Before pouring the engine system, it is recommended to wash the cleaning composition Kuhler-Reiniger – it allows you to save the power plant from complex contaminants. In addition, the optimum temperature of the power unit is provided.

Liqui Moly Kuhlerfrostschutz KFS 2002++Concentrate

The composition contains a mixture of inhibitors of corrosion processes. Designed for use on modern cars with powerful engines. Has a long period of operation.

The market for consumables is currently overflowing with different types of cooling mixtures with different additive packages. Car owners are often confused with the choice, so before purchasing antifreeze is recommended to read the technical documentation of the vehicle, which indicates the preferred brand of coolant.

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