Antifreeze Mobil: types and characteristics

Антифриз Мобил

the Cooler plays an important role in the optimal operation of the power unit. But to choose a worthwhile consumable is not so easy. The car market offers a huge selection of antifreezes that can easily get confused in the right choice of cooler. Consider the Mobil coolant, the composition features and its positive qualities.

Antifreeze mobile

Today Mobil Corporation is considered to be the leading manufacturer of consumables for cars and trucks. Thanks to the production of mixtures for motor systems, the organization was able to create a well-known name.


Among the positive qualities of antifreeze are:

  • Prevents overheating of the motor system in severe operating conditions;
  • Resistant to low temperatures;
  • Thanks to the special additives introduced into the coolant, mobile refrigerants reliably protect the aluminum components of the engine;
  • shelf Life is quite high – 4 years;
  • High resistance to aging and production;
  • Prevents the formation of rust spots on the metal surfaces of the system;
  • Prevents the appearance of boiler stone.

Cooler mobile gained popularity and received admission of auto giants: Ford, Porsche, man.

advanced Mobil Antifreeze

Available in a concentrated solution. It protects the engine cooling system from unwanted factors, such as solidification.

In addition, the technical solution is able to protect the vulnerable areas of the motor from corrosion processes and various deposits, thereby extending the service life of the unit as a whole.

As stated by the manufacturer, Mobil Antifreeze Advanced does not lose its original useful characteristics for 4 years.

The colours of Mobil antifreeze Advanced – red color. As part of the cooler there is no presence of undesirable compounds in the form of phosphates, silicates, borates. Do not forget that the supplied mixture should be diluted with purified water.

It should be noted that mobile Advanced antifreeze can be diluted with standard water, but this should be done only in certain cases, when it is not possible to purchase the distillate.

In no case is it allowed to mix antifreeze with industrial and sea water.

Mobil Antifreeze Advanced has been approved for use in cars of the following brands: Audi, seat, Opel, BMW, Volkswagen.

Mobil Extra

Designed to directly protect the vehicle’s propulsion system from unwanted processes such as corrosion and wear of metal surfaces.

Antifreeze mobile Extra can be used in both freight and passenger transport. The base of the composition is a concentrated solution developed by BASF.

Key features of Mobil Antifreeze Extra:

  • Is a greenish liquid;
  • At normal room temperature, its density is 1.13 g/cm3;
  • Begins to boil under operating conditions at temperatures above 166 Celsius;
  • there Is a possibility of a flame at an operating temperature of 120 degrees;
  • Water content is 3.5 per cent.

Prior to direct use for the purpose of mobile Extra diluted with water, which does not contain ions of impurities. These are the manufacturer’s recommendations.

But it is worth considering the fact that in some cases can be used and standard tap water, the main thing that it was not very hard. It is unacceptable to use marine, sewage, industrial water masses.

The introduction of technical fluid into the cooling system of the vehicle is regulated in accordance with the recommendations of the machine manufacturer.

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