Antifreeze Ravenol

Антифриз Ravenol

When using cooling solutions in the engine system of the car creates favorable conditions for optimal performance. In the automotive market, there are countless lubricating and cooling compounds, and the brand of antifreeze Ravenol is not the last place among them.

Antifreeze Ravenol

Characteristics, composition of antifreeze concentrate Ravenol

All coolants of the RAVENOL brand are made taking into account modern technologies. The composition is fully consistent with all standards and tolerances, as successfully passed numerous laboratory, field studies and testing.

The products of this brand are manufactured in European Germany and stand out among the main competitors with high quality indicators.

Like any antifreeze, the base composition is considered diatomic alcohol (ethylene glycol). It is made a specially designed package of additives (additives). Thanks to this technical fluid acquires new qualities:

  • is protection of the heat exchanger and the cooling mechanism of the motor from the formation of rust bloom.
  • Increases the service life of the train. Antifreeze can be operated without replacement up to 3-year period.
  • Has high heat exchange rates.
  • Has a beneficial effect on the water pump system, the heat exchanger and the thermostat of the cooling system.
  • Increases the fluidity of the liquid.

In the coolant solution there are no harmful substances that adversely affect the metal parts of the engine.

To reliably protect against corrosion reactions metal surfaces in the working composition must be at least 1/3 of pure antifreeze. At this concentration, the technical solution will not freeze above 20 degrees below zero.

If the concentrate is mixed in equal proportions, the application temperature reaches 38 degrees below zero. If this indicator is not enough, the content of concentrated antifreeze Ravenol increases to a value of 70% of the total, but not more.

Such a mixture of antifreeze with purified (deionized) water makes it possible to use the composition at a temperature below 65 degrees Celsius.

To dissolve the concentrated RAVENOL it is necessary only deionized water masses which are issued in a product line of Ravenol concern. For example, Destilliertes Wasser EIMTIONISIERT.

The use of distilled water is not recommended by the company, as the dilution reaction occurs ion exchange, and this leads to corrosion processes of metal surfaces.

Selection of heat carriers should be carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturers.

Product range

RAVENOL Corporation has a wide range of technical compositions of high quality. Each product meets its operating conditions. Different colors, complex substances, the amount of packing.

The shade of the liquid can immediately determine the flow in the motor system. For this purpose, a special lamp called a flaw detector is used.

Refrigerant yellow

Antifreeze yellow G11 – concentrate created on the basis of ethylene glycol, it has improved performance, does not boil and does not crystallize. In the structure there are anti-corrosive additives that protect not only metal products, but also materials made of plastic, rubber and other polymer.

Resistance to rust is caused by a specially designed formula. The composition does not have any phosphates and substances based on silicon. Therefore, there are no deposits. For the coolant to be more efficient, the concentrate content in the coolant must be at least a quarter of the total volume.

Antifreeze Ravenol red

Red G 12 refrigerant has an alcohol base in its composition, but is produced without the participation of silicon compounds. The concentrated solution of red antifreeze has increased anticorrosive indicators, as well as good indicators of crystallization and boiling.

Technical liquid protects the car engine from overheating, while sparing the polymer elements used in the engine cooling system.


Green Ravenol antifreeze is produced on the basis of diatomic alcohol without the use of silicon compounds and amines. The liquid is completely ready for use. The composition is capable of protecting the engine in all seasons, over a period of 36 months. Antifreeze does not precipitate and is absolutely safe for the atmosphere.

It is used for power plants of light type, that is, for engines made of lightweight metals. When it is diluted with water to 1/5 of the crystallization temperature of the product drops to 65°C with a minus sign.

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