Antifreeze Shell

Антифриз Шелл

Cooling solutions are increasing. This is due to the demand for refrigerants. But in such a countless number it is easy to get confused in the choice of coolers even experienced driver. Consider the antifreeze shell, its features, the nature of behavior in different conditions and range.

Antifreeze shell: types, properties

Antifreeze shell

Technical parameters

If the motorist decided to change the cooler in the power unit of his car, but he does not know what kind of antifreeze to choose, he can get acquainted with the heat carriers of the Shell company. The direct consumer of this antifreeze is presented in different colors, each of which has certain properties and advantages over other species.

Green shell

Cooling the mixture of the Shell Zone is antifreeze greenish hue, created on the basis of the dihydric alcohol (glycol) without silicon additives. According to the manufacturer, this concentrated solution is intended for heavy-duty gasoline and diesel-type propulsion systems. Shelf life — 5 years.

Fluids have in their structure the best set of additives that serve to reliably protect the affected system from the adverse corrosive effects.

Antifreezes green recommend auto giants: Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, Chrysler.

Key priority indicators technical liquid green:

  • the Absence of silicon compounds, which significantly reduces the likelihood of deposits;
  • Reliable protection of metal surfaces against rusting;
  • Compatible with filter system.

Among the main features of the consumable:

  • Compliance with G11.
  • Country of production – United States.
  • is Available only as concentrate.

Crystallization of green antifreeze shell begins at temperatures below 80 degrees.


Concentrated refrigerant GlycoShell – blue antifreeze, created on the basis of a simple diatomic alcohol. The cooler is applicable at any time of the year, that is, all-season. It has excellent protective functions in the unfavorable period of the year, preventing freezing in harsh winter conditions. In addition, according to the management of the shell concern, car owners can be calm about the power units of their vehicles, since the concentrated mixture of GlycoShell does not create deposits.

Main advantages of the refrigerant:

  • does Not allow the motor to overheat, crystallize and corrode.
  • has No undesirable compounds in the form of phosphates and amines.
  • has Earned recommendations for use in the engines of military vehicles.
  • High coolant change interval.

The technical composition of blue is recommended by many auto giants to work in cars BMW, Audi, Volvo, seat, Porsche.

If the concentrated solution is diluted with purified water in a ratio of 1 to 2, the resulting mixture will begin to crystallize at 18 frost, if 1 to 1, the figure will increase to minus 38 Celsius.


Red antifreeze on a par with green and blue has excellent anticorrosive parameters, has an increased service life of up to 5 years. This figure is achieved thanks to the implementation of part of the cooler special substances that slow the rusting.

In the manufacture of the product is used modern patented shell technology, excluding the use of silicates. The freezing point in the cooling medium of the engine of this antifreeze is about 80 degrees cold. The composition complies with the international standard G12.

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