Antifreeze Total

Антифриз Тотал (Total)

the Brand name Total is familiar to many motorists, because the products are known for high-quality composition. Antifreeze Total is also included in the product range of this brand. The coolant is used not only in vehicles but also in industry.

Antifreeze Total (Total)

Antifreeze Total

The company monitors the quality of the produced material and constantly improves the base of product standards. Scientists have achieved an almost perfect formula of lubricating mixtures, leaving the main competitors far behind.


Each type (brand) of vehicle has its own coolant. Select the main samples:

Total Coolelf MDX -37C

Created on the basis of diatomic alcohol and a special package of additives designed for corrosion protection. In the cooler there are no nitrites, amines. Applicable to any type of engine, especially popular on power devices MAN and Mercedes.

The structure includes a special component that has an unpleasant taste. This property is provided for force majeure situations, for example, in case of swallowing a technical means by a child or an animal. On sale, the coolant is already diluted and ready for use. According to the company, the replacement of antifreeze is recommended every 2 years. Color composition — green.

Total Glacelf MDX

This type of antifreeze Total enters the market in the form of concentrate. The base is monoethylene glycol with additives that prevent the development of corrosion.

Recommended for power plants, MTU, Mercedes, MAN. The color is red.

Coolelf auto Supra-37C

The product goes on sale already completely finished solution, so you do not need to dilute anything. The main advantage is a large working life of use, so you can not replace the technical coolant for a long time.

This is considered to be one of the best products of the group Total. Suitable for almost all engines, ranging from light vehicles to agricultural machinery.

Antifreeze Coolelf auto Supra is considered all-season, that is, protects the power plant not only from the cold, but also in case of overheating of the unit. According to the manufacturer, it is better to use it for new engines, in which there are many aluminum mechanisms. The replacement period is once every five years. The color of the composition is red.

Glacelf auto Supra

The main feature of this coolant is considered to be a long period of operation. The refrigerant is created on the basis of monoethylene glycol. The composition of antifreeze includes organic inhibitors that prevent the formation of rust spots on the mechanisms of the system. In retail outlets comes with a concentrated solution.

The solution is designed for any type of automotive equipment. It is worth noting that to dilute this solution will require a special demineralized water, that is, does not contain mineral salts and impurities.

It is important to know if the composition of the technical solution included more than 70% antifreeze, the solution is forbidden to use as directed. The valid value is 68 %. The color of the solution is blue.

Total Glacelf Plus

This antifreeze from Total arrives on trading platforms in the form of the concentrated substance. It is marked by a long period of operation. The main component of the system is diatomic alcohol. Applicable for any type of vehicles.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is better to replace the coolant at least once every 3 years. The color of the technical composition is blue.

Having considered the popular coolants from Total concern, it can be concluded that all products have some useful characteristics:

  • Protects the mechanisms of the power unit from corrosion processes;
  • Protects the car engine from cold and overheating;
  • Increases the life of the cooling system;
  • Increases the efficiency of the vehicle.

High-quality antifreeze for the entire period of work should not change colors – only a slight darkening towards the main shade is allowed. That is, pink can shift towards red, and blue – to a blue shade.

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