Avtovaz updated LADA Largus

The first photos of the updated "Largus" appeared on the web, which features a new grille, new seat cladding, tougher tinting of the rear glasses, as well as changes in the logo.

Lada Largus 2019 restyled


Despite the fact that the web already has a lot of information about the upcoming restyled LADA Largus, as officially confirmed by the company's representatives, the market is a pre-restyling update.

The fact is that a full-fledged redesign of the model will take place no earlier than 2022, and the model needs to be refreshed. As a result, there were minor improvements, bringing the model to the modern style of the company.

Lada Vesta and Lada Granta in police modification received OTTS

In the photos presented by the Russian Newspaper, we can see the cross-section of the station wagon as possible.

At first glance, a new grille with a yakeic substrate and two "blades" is visible, on which the enlarged LADA sign is emblazoned. On the stern there was a large brand inscription, the rear semisphere of glazing is now tinted more rigidly, and in the cabin you can see a new cladding of the seats.

According to rumors, as part of the extraordinary update will also appear new alloy wheels, a throw-out key, a new shade of body "Lazurit" — a shade close to the signature color of Subaru, as well as electric drive folding mirrors and railings in commercial modification.

Technically, changes are not foreseen, but whether the price tag will change will be known later.

Meanwhile, the web showed what a digital dashboard for LADA Vesta might look like. Several companies are working on a virtual instrument for the popular Vaz model today.

Source: carsweek.ru

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