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  Off-road and bad weather are ideal conditions for which this car is created. The very name of the machine speaks of its passability and reliability.

Unlike already sold versions, the novelty received modified specifications, a massive expeditionary body for off-road, as well as additional security systems.

Competitors UAS Hunter Expeditionary 2019

  • Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Lada Niva
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Ford Explorer

Exterior Hunter Expeditionary

The appearance of the new set of UAS Hunter Expeditionary in fact is not much different. The same features of the body, only the body kit appeared. Unknowing person at first glance will say that this tuning for off-road, because today this model is a rocket for fans of reworking a regular car.

In front of the classic, round headlights, round pointers of turns, as well as a hidden mesh grille.

Differences start from the bottom, more accurate bumper. Instead of the usual plastic front installed a metal bumper with a massive grille covering the front.

At first glance, it seems that the bumper is artisanal and made with somewhere in the garage, but in fact such an idea only improved the driving qualities of the SUV. In addition to better passability and protection from getting objects in the front of the UAS Hunter, the bumper also placed a winch with a reliable cable.

Habitual hood with opening in the direction of the cabin, rough and flat windshield, but the edging is now black, instead of coloring in the body.

The side part of the new UAS Hunter is highlighted by plastic overlays of wheel arches, as well as the continuation of color in black around the side windows. I would like to note that the side windows can not be lowered, for this side glass consists of two parts.

The front part is sliding, to air in the cabin, the back is deaf.

With the pleasant can be noted the lack of lockers on wheels, it allows you to install wheels of a larger diameter, without any modifications.

  • orange-and-black;
  • grey-brown metallic (Richmo);
  • khaki metallic.

The list is not large, but in off-road conditions these are the most ideal options. Inconspicuous and not the most stamps, or vice versa, a well-noticeable orange with black plastic overlays. It is worth noting that orange is considered the main color, but for the other two will have to pay 10900 rubles.

Behind the new UAS Hunter also got refinement, despite the fact that most of it is hidden. The rear side turned out to be folding, and the stock is simply pushed aside on a special fastener.

Also offer an additional fastener for the canister (with a canister in the set).

The top of the standard is a trunk for transporting cargo, as well as if necessary, you can install additional lighting equipment.

In total, there is nothing much to say about the new UAS Hunter Expeditionary, on the one hand it is a classic version. On the other hand, the refinements are minimal and the same options can be found in other Hunter, but modified by their owners.

Following the appearance, small improvements fell on the salon of the unique UAS Hunter. The cladding of the seats has become high-quality, due to water-repellent fabric with special impregnation. The flooring of the trunk and cabin can be easily washed, and if necessary, completely removed.

The front panel of the revamped UAS Hunter remained the same, round instruments in the center of the torpedo. A speedometer with a small monochrome display and a pair of buttons on the bottom to control the fuel tank and lights. Everything looks quite simple, but for off-road is essentially superfluous and not necessary.

You should not expect much comfort, there is no air conditioning, as there is no on-board computer or multi-make system, maximum heating stove and fuel control button, so that if necessary to connect the second tank, thereby using the backup Fuel.

From the rest of the usual location — curved levers of transmission and all-wheel drive. Noise insulation leaves you expecting better, just like seals. Many parts simply thought through in case of water entering the cabin, which is why there is not a particularly large set of electronics or unnecessary comfort features.

As before, the salon UAS Hunter Expeditionary is designed for 5 seats, the comfort and softness of the changes are not. We can say that the appeared console to the general name, it is a refinement of individual details, but not a massive change, which fans expected the model.

The specifications of the UAS Hunter Expeditionary

The basis for the special version of the UAS Hunter Expeditionary was the set of the Version Classic. Despite such a loud name, there were no special improvements on the engine. Under the hood is a petrol SMH 40906, 2.7 liters.

The drive also remained the same, connected 4×4 with a downward.

Size and Weight of UAS Hunter Expeditionary 2019-2020
Length, mm4050
Width, mm1775
Height, mm1950
Wheelbase, mm2380
Front wheel rut, mm1465
Rear wheel rut, mm1465
Entry angle, degrees50
Exit angle, degrees30
Clearance, mm241 (regular UAS 210 mm)
Weight, kg1840
Full weight, kg2495
Capacity, kg735

Another major difference from Hunter’s usual version is Spicer’s rear bridge with a locking differential. Discs have remained steel, although there are already a lot of complaints that could be replaced by alloy.

At the front spring, with a stabilizer of transverse stability, rear-mounted springs. Given that technically the Expeditionary version of the SUV has not changed in any way, and especially improved characteristics on the passability is also not to be expected. Maximum improvements in terms of off-road — body kit and small additional details.

As in the classic UAS Hunter, the new expeditionary version of comfort leaves much to be desired.

At the same time, the car begins to pull in one direction or the other. Simply the car becomes uncontrollable.

The whole reason lies in the proportion of the weight of the SUV body to the diameter of brake discs and drums.

The car was originally intended for off-road driving, and therefore the main developments were aimed at specifications.

One plus is that unlike the classic version, where heated front seats are optionally costs 4000 rubles, here it is included in the standard set. Meanwhile, there is a headlight corrector, an ISOFIX child seat mount and a hydro booster steering wheel.

To choose by the characteristics of uAS Hunter Expeditionary is not with anything, as well as for the usual classical equipment. Engine one, transmission one, and especially differences on the cabin or exterior is almost no.

The maximum equipment will cost 984900 rubles. As an option offer different protections, additional lighting and separate reinforced units.


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