Castrol Antifreeze

Антифриз Кастрол (Castrol)

the Market is full of automotive chemicals consumable items: coolant, motor lubricants, various additives. Such a variety of choices confounds the consumer, and if the consumable is purchased for the first time, it is even more difficult to find a suitable one. Let us dwell on the antifreeze Castrol and consider in more detail its composition and application features.

Castrol Antifreeze (Castrol)

Types and features of Castrol antifreeze

The refrigerants of the company Castrol has long existed in the market of combustive-lubricating materials. In the sold line, you can select several popular consumables. Let’s analyze them separately.

Castrol NF

It has a blue-green hue. Since it is a concentrate, it must be diluted. According to the manufacturer, Castrol NF has excellent anti-corrosive characteristics and increased service life.

The composition of this type is designed for various cooling systems, both gasoline and diesel engines. The concentrated solution of Castrol NF must be mixed in equal parts with purified water (1 to 1).

According to the manufacturer, the resulting mixture will have increased anti-corrosion performance and is able to provide optimal operation of the motor system in severe cold (up to 35 frost).

Before filling the engine should be well washed, as the active solution reacts with deposits in the motor. The refrigerant can be mixed with other types, but the properties and parameters of the additive set must correspond to each other.

Technical parameters of NF coolant:

  • the Mixture has a blue-green tint;
  • concentrate Density – 1,125 g/cm3;
  • The mixture contains about 3 % water;
  • boiling Point – 165 Celsius.

Antifreeze meets the needs of Volvo and Opel vehicles.

Castrol antifreeze SF

Castrol coolant with the designation SF is a concentrated mixture having a scarlet (red) shade. Created by a special technology, which includes the product of hydration of ethylene oxide (monoethylene glycol).

According to the information component of the coolant label, SF does not contain phosphates and amino groups. The manufacturer also claims that due to the use of modern production technologies, the red concentrated solution prevents the formation of various deposits on the walls and parts of the motor.

SF cooling mixture has a number of useful characteristics:

  • does Not foam in the filled tank;
  • does Not crystallize in severe frosts;
  • Gives good protection from the formation of rusty spots;
  • has No negative impact on the polymer elements included in the internal combustion engine vehicle;
  • Lubricates the water pump.

Among technical indicators SF can highlight:

  • Technical solution has a scarlet tint, but in the domestic market it is considered red;
  • the Density of the cooling solution — 1.07 g/cm3;
  • the boiling Point of the product is 108 degrees Celsius;
  • the Coolant will lose the viscosity of the solution at temperatures below 38 degrees below zero.

Antifreeze plays a special role in supporting optimal performance of the motor system. The use of an unsuitable cooling mixture and not controlling the level of technical composition in the device is fraught with negative consequences.

From the adverse results can be identified shortening the service life of the motor and premature damage, wear and tear of parts of the system.

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