Castrol engine oil reviews

Моторное масло Castrol: обзор автомасла

Here are the reviews of car owners about Castrol engine oil (Castrol) of different modifications. The material was selected on the basis of real impressions of drivers on the basis of surveys. If you want to share your opinion, send a review via the comment form, and after moderation it will be published.

Моторное масло Castrol: обзор автомасла

Car owners reviews of Castrol engine oil

Alexander Yurievich, Ford

The choice for Castrol MAGNATEC 5W-30 A5 engine oil fell immediately, as the seller recommended me to choose this option. It is ideal for different Ford car engines. For a long time held on separate parts in need of lubrication.

In addition, they provide full protection against corrosion. It does not freeze in the cold season, which is important in Russia, and ignites at high atmospheric temperature. Over the years, I have been very pleased with this acquisition.

Alexey Severin, BMW

I want to say that Castrol EDGE 0W-40 is an excellent oil, otherwise many concerns would not recommend it. Well, Yes, it leaves soot, but for BMW it is not terrible, their engines on the contrary feel good when there are small deposits, so they are conceived.

If it is correct to change, 3-4 thousand km, everything will be fine, do not save, just bought a good car! So with this oil is all right, the main thing – not to be greedy on the details not to save.

Arthur Yuzhakov, Reno Logan

Praise Castrol hand will not rise, he personally tied with him even when the label with Schumacher was. I do not want to use obscene words, but the essence is clear. Take oil 10-60, machine barely povorachivat, consueta much.

Now at the service STATION, where I always pass the inspection, the masters say that the oil has become even worse than it was then, they sell it only to «those who do not want to listen to good advice»! Tried to pour mobile, it’s been better, but too 5-50 bullshit turned out to be! Now I don’t know what to fill in, so I don’t mess up.

Sergey, Toyota Rav4

Don’t know what all that admire Castrol, it’s a very mediocre quality. After buying Toyota RAV 4 undertook to change consumables, leaked oil, removed the pallet, and there is a nightmare — on the walls of the block almost a centimeter of soot!

And I know that the old owner (I took the car from hands) bought it in salon and was served in the same HUNDRED and used only Castrol. I do not want to talk about further ordeals – there is not enough space, I will say that the pressure was gone and I had to change the oil pump.


Castrol 5W-40 I use more than five years and completely satisfied. Has long been proven that the engine is stable, the consumption is small. It is sold literally everywhere, at least 1l, at least 5L, and in car services and in General on bottling.

Comply with all the technical specifications and replacement do every 7 — 8 thousand km. I have Noticed that after 4 thousand km of mileage, Castrol does not lose neither the color nor the original data. Not all competitive oils can boast of this.

In winter, I also use Castrol, and it retains its quality in frosts, does not freeze. I think that the price corresponds to the characteristics, there is of course, and cheaper, but the quality can not count.

Nikolay Khromov, Nissan Patrol

I want to share my opinion on Castrol oil that I use for a long time, pour it began in my first car VAZ 2114. Excellent oil, even in sorokogradusnuyu frost never failed.

Once it turned out that the car stood outside for more than three days at a temperature of 38 degrees below zero. With timely replacement, the oil practically does not even change color. Now WHA I changed to BMW, but also continue to use the Castrol.

The problem was with him only once, when I bought not in the service center and ran into a fake. I realized this when the car started to start badly and smoke like a locomotive. Since then zareklas to take it not have a time-tested sellers that and all advise.

Peter Vasiliev, Kia

Read reviews, a lot of complaints, but personally I want to say that Castrol — good oil. My swallows motor ran for over 250,000 miles without any major repairs.

Compression is quite normal and the consumption of gasoline does not exceed the specifications, the oil is not zhre from replacement to replacement. When I merge — there is a black, so copes with the task.

In the winter is start at -30, not thickens like tar, according to some motorists, but I am taking in the checked shop. And although the price of Castrol we have more expensive compared, for example, with Mobil, but I do not want to change. Good luck everyone!

Dmitry 30 years, BMW

Used Castrol engine oil 5 months and much regretted. After buying a supported car, poured Castrol, the former owner advised him not to fill, but I had the only oil in the garage, after which there was an unpleasant knock in the engine, increased fuel consumption, no longer use it.

Konstantin, Volkswagen Jetta sedan

Castrol taxis)) and there it was poured, the sludge and sediments. What I want to say — butter is a solid four, not more.

The price is high, but this is probably due to the extensive advertising of this brand. In General, often need to change the oil, any, regardless of the label on the canister, it is enough for 8-9 thousand km, not more.

About Castrol I read a long time, there was a test in the magazine «Driving», and the characteristics of it was in the first place. I chose it and began to fill in his car, now I have a Volkswagen Jetta.

Recently changed the pump, valve cover opened, everything is clean, the engine does not take oil. The only thing that scares — a large number of fakes, there is no certainty that you will not run into a surrogate.

Ilya, Chevrolet Niva

Mark Castrol advised me friend, looking at my agony on selection. I have a Chevrolet Niva, and the engine of this car is very whimsical to oil, if that is not so, then immediately there is a large flow rate or knock hydraulic compensators.

The car will soon be 6 years and over the years I have only brand not tried — from the expensive to the cheap, almost all imported and all domestic — neither of which was not satisfied.

Here the other and was advised to try the Castrol, as it adapted to our engines and specially designed for our climatic conditions. When I drove it, I noticed that the oil consumption has decreased significantly and I forgot about the roar under the hood.

The oil does not lose its properties and the operating temperature range is good, the engine is easily unwound even in severe frosts. I advise everyone to try.

Oleg, Volkswagen Passat

When in 2011 bought his first car, began to load thoughts — what to fill? The choice is wide, but I want to find the best below and for the winter and summer, and in normal quality, and price, and for the motor to good use.

In General, I chose Castrol 5w40 semisynthetics, which completely came under all wishful thinking. The viscosity of 5w40 completely allows to use it in any temperature. And why stopped at semisynthetics, is the fact that it is sold on tap.

That is, it gives a 100% guarantee that this is not a bullshit, but a quality branded oil. He rolled on it for more than 18,000 km, and his choice is satisfied.


Hello. I do NOT advise anyone CASTROL Killer of engines. Checked sms /All is well.

I have not seen this after 2000 miles the oil clean and on the walls of the cap sticky resin as baksida, the Lifters knock all the stronger, but took the added Laurel (soft washing) gradually subside.

After refilling walked 20-30 km. REFRAIN FROM CASTROL

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