Castrol Radicool NF antifreeze overview

Антифриз Castrol Radicool NF

Coolant is as essential to an internal combustion engine as air is to a human. The refrigerant prevents overheating and malfunctions of the working units of the power unit, keeping the optimum temperature for their operation. But how to choose the right antifreeze for your car?

Antifreeze Castrol Radicool NF

The company Castrol has long been known in the market of lubricants, has its own circle of fans around the world. In addition to the production of automotive lubricants, the British company is engaged in the production of automotive chemicals, including antifreezes.

The produced range of coolers is developed for both light-weight transport and freight. The most famous carrier in a line of antifreeze Castrol Radicool NF emit.

Properties of Castrol Radicool NF

The cooling liquid of the engine NF is a concentrated technical solution. It is created from the simplest diatomic alcohol and a modern set of additives. In antifreeze there are no undesirable components – phosphates, nitrites, amines.

The composition includes inhibitors of corrosion processes, which prevents iron and steel products from destruction. The silicate composition gives the composition good lubricity, enveloping all hard-to-reach working areas of the engine. All this protects it from early wear.

Concentrated solution of Castrol NF belongs to category coolers G11. This group includes silicate-based reagents and some hybrids. The cooling liquid is used in power units of cars and trucks powered by gasoline or diesel fuel.

Recommended for use in Volkswagen group machines, Opel, MAN, BMW and some others. The cooler has the following correspondences:

  • ASTM D3306(I);
  • ASTM D4985;
  • BS6580:2010;
  • JIS K2234;
  • MAN 324 NF;
  • MTU MTL 5048;
  • VW TL-774C (G11);
  • MB-325.0;
  • Deutz TR 0119-399-1115.

Castrol antifreeze NF Radikul developed by hybrid technology, it is designed for modern powertrains for passenger vehicles and trucks with a low load capacity.

How to dilute Castrol NF Radical

Manufacturer recommended to use diluted solution for pouring into the engine, in the range of concentrations from 33% to 50%. This is based on the fact that all related additives do not lose their useful characteristics.

Dissolve the concentrate only deionized or distilled water. The diluted composition in such concentrations crystallizes from 18 to 36 degrees below zero.

If diluted in a ratio of 25% concentrate and 75% water, the antifreeze hardens at atmospheric parameters below 12 degrees cold. If 60% of the concentrated solution is 40% water, the mixture will not freeze to 60 degrees below zero.


The requirements of car manufacturers are constantly increasing, so any consumable must meet these requirements. Castrol Radicool NF antifreeze meets all modern international standards and has minimal impact on the environment.

It slows down the processes of rusting of metal surfaces in the work area. Since there are no phosphates in the cooler, this has a positive effect on the purity of the motor system, all the extra elements are washed out of it.

In addition, Castrol Radical NF copes well with cavitation, preventing the appearance and collapse of air bubbles. Anti-cavitation characteristics of the consumable material is extremely important for the optimal operation of the motor, the cylinder liner is not destroyed.


Castrol Radicool NF coolant can be stored for 3 years from the date of manufacture. Mandatory condition – sealed packaging and the ambient temperature is not higher than 30 degrees. Freezing should be avoided.

Technical compositions are not recommended to be stored in open spaces with direct access to sunlight. If there is no other area for the cooler than the open space, the barrels should be placed horizontally so that rainwater can not penetrate into the package.

The refrigerant is suitable for preservation in lacquered barrels made of plastic steel. Do not store consumables in galvanized containers.

Safety Features

The company Castrol has provided for its products measures for its safe use. In order to protect the person from accidental ingestion and subsequent poisoning, bitter taste additives are added to the technical compositions of the company in addition to coloring components.

Even if someone accidentally dials a liquid into his mouth, he will want to spit it out, not swallow it, thanks to the bitter taste.

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