The price of OSAGO will fall

The government continues to "play" with the law on the registration of OSAGO. As a result, all manipulations led to a revision of the policy pricing scheme. Simply put, the price for it will be calculated differently.

Osago price 2019

What will change

The plans to abandon the coefficients, to which only recently accustomed Russian motorists. They will not take into account the power of the engine and the regional location of the car. At the moment, the initiative is presented in the form of a bill, which is under consideration in the State Duma.

At the same time, it became known that the Ministry of Finance is considering the possibility of giving insurance companies the right to independently determine the base tariff, which will form the basis of calculations of the final price of OSAGO.

How it will be calculated

Thus, insurers will be able to independently develop a scheme of calculation: some will be based on the features of the vehicle, others will focus on the absence of gross traffic violations.

Of course, in order to prevent a sharp increase in the price, the minimum and maximum values will be regulated by the experts of the Central Bank.

The plan is to abandon the territorial location ratio as early as the beginning of next year. In October, engine power will cease to be crucial. In early 2020, insurers will have the opportunity to deviate from the base rate by about 40% in both directions.

The reason for this may be the lack of large fines or features of the vehicle. Once the power factor is counted, the figure will drop to 30%.

Osago will become cheaper

On payments under OSAGO

At the same time, the law will regulate some aspects of payments under OSAGO. Compensation for harm to life and health will increase.  If the bill comes into force, the payment could increase fourfold.

The OSAGO Act has recently been subject to a rather rigorous review. Recent proposals include an extension of the entry tariff corridor by 20%. In the spring, changes were made to the calculation of the bonus-malus factor.

If earlier it could be counted several times, now all changes are made once a year — April 1. Thus, accidents in which the driver is to blame, will be taken into account only when applying for insurance in the future period.


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