Classification by API

Classification of the quality level of motor oils according to API

For petrol engines
SCFor ice delivered for production in 1964-1967
SDFor ice 1968-1971
SEFor 1972-1979 engines
SFFor 1980-1988 engines
SGFor boosted engines introduced from 1989-1994
SHFor forced motors introduced in 1994-1996
SJFor engines post-1996
SLNewly introduced top quality class for gasoline engines
CCFor medium-duty motors produced since 1961
CDFor heavy duty diesel engines, including turbocharged
CEFor high-stressed diesel engines operating in severe conditions (since 1983)
CF-4Engines released since 1998
CF-2Improved CD-II performance for two-stroke engines
CG-4ice release 1994. Improved CF-4 performance and stricter exhaust toxicity requirements