Engine oil Liqui Moli Energy

the LIQUI Moli company is engaged in continuous updating of the offered production, and from this popularity of motor oil Energy Liqui Moly steadily increases due to its ability to work in difficult operating conditions.

Thanks to the high-quality synthetic base, the capabilities of which are expanded by adding a package of additives, it was possible to increase the service life of the engine, increase resistance to wear and, in General, to ensure more efficient operation.

Characteristics of energy oil from Liqui Moly

Engine oil Liqui Moly Energy

Oil has many useful for the operation of the motor characteristics:

  • Low self-consumption.
  • Withstands high temperatures well.
  • Oxidative stability.
  • Increased wear resistance in cold and warm-up conditions.
  • Creates a strong film on the working surfaces of the parts.
  • Safe for sealing cuffs and engine gaskets.

Purpose of Liqui Moly Energy

The considered lubricating fluid is a representative of the 100% synthetic class. Characterized by legkotekuchie, can be used for modern internal combustion engines both gasoline and diesel, also suitable for models equipped with turbocharged engines (including those with intercoolers), which is compatible with catalysts.

Oil Liqui Moly Energy is very well pumped in the lubrication system of the engine, has anti-friction and energy-saving properties. Provides the necessary pressure in the lubrication system in a wide range of both revolutions and temperature values.

Can be used throughout the year, allows long replacement intervals, the product is able to increase fuel economy up to 10%. It was developed on the basis of strict requirements of modern engine building.

Recommendations, physical and chemical properties, certificates of conformity

LIQUI Moly Energy motor oil complies with APISM/CF, ACEAA3-04/B4-04 certificates and has approvals from Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ford, VW, BMW manufacturers. Its technical data can be displayed in the following list:

  1. Density (at 15°) – 0.85 g/cm cu.
  2. Viscosity index – 179.
  3. evaporation Rate – 10%.
  4. color Index – 3.5.
  5. Flash in the open crucible°to 230°.
  6. Solidification at t: -48°.
  7. Viscosity index (at 40°) – 81 mm sq/s.
  8. Viscosity index (at 100°) – 14 mm sq/s.
  9. Alkali – 10.5 mg KOH/g
  10. ash Content – 1-1.6 g/100 g

Here again, you can pay attention to a very low pour point to 48 degrees below zero, which means that problems with the launch will not even in severe frosts. The product is supplied in 1, 4, 5, 20, 60 and 205 litre containers.

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