Engine oil Liqui Moly Optimal Synth

the Engine oil, which is the subject of the review, has the possibility of universal application for virtually any car. Wide range of its use is provided as tolerances of the famous car manufacturers, and a certificate ACEAA3/B4. With excellent anti-friction properties, Synth Optimal Liqui Moly oil is suitable for use throughout the year.

Synth Optimal Liqui Moly engine oil

Properties, features of Synth Optimal Liqui Moly

Lubricating fluid Synth Optimal LIQUI Moli is a pure synthetic material made on the basis of special base oils using hydrocracking production technology, with the addition of a set of additives.

Due to the additives, low consumption for fumes and evaporation is provided, fuel consumption is reduced, and high-quality lubrication of rubbing parts of the ice occurs. In addition, we can note such qualities as:

    • Resistance to heat,


  • to maintain the level of viscosity at a predetermined level,
  • No foaming at temperatures up to 200 degrees,
  • Due to the use of zinc and phosphorus, as part of additives, an oil film with a high degree of strength and an increased sliding effect is created.

It has the following positive properties:

  1. Decent durability,
  2. Good stability in operation,
  3. Soft engine running,
  4. Slow aging,
  5. Providing the desired properties at low temperatures,
  6. lubrication system Pressure at the required level under all conditions,
  7. Preservation of working parts from wear,
  8. Ability to keep the motor clean,
  9. Reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere,
  10. fuel Economy,
  11. ice resource Increase,
  12. Can be mixed with other types of oils,

Plus, the engine oil was tested when working with turbines and catalysts.

synth Engine oil from the Optimal brand series Liqui Moly

Application, tolerances and specifications

It complies with APISN/CF, ACEAA3-04/B4-04 certificates and has tolerances from manufacturers such as BMW, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Kia, VW, Toyota, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Hyundai and many others.

Regarding the scope of use, the manufacturer recommends synth Optimal engine oil for cars that have a modern type of ice, running on such popular fuels as gasoline, diesel fuel, gas.

Suitable for motors with turbocharging and air cooling systems. It is recommended for loaded engines and long service intervals. It has different viscosity classes, allowing you to choose what you need for the car owner.

Physical and chemical characteristics

It has such characteristics:

  • Indicator to a density of 0.855 g/cubic cm
  • Viscosity (CCS) at – 30° C – 6600 MPa*C
  • Viscosity index – 168.
  • Viscosity index at t 100° – 11.4 mm sq/s.
  • Viscosity at t 40° – 66 mm q / s
  • Evaporation – 10.9%.
  • Flash in the open crucible°to 230°.
  • Solidification – at -36°.
  • HTHS (for t 150°) – 3.5 MPa*s.
  • ash Content – 1-1.6 g/100 g
  • Color indicator according to the scale – L5.
  • Alkaline index – 9 mg KOH/g

The products are supplied in plastic cans of 1, 4, 5, 20 liters, as well as in metal barrels of 205 liters.

Liqui Moly, German engine oils

Additional information

In 2016, the engine oil brand Synth has undergone some changes, namely modifications undergone its composition. After improvements, the lubricating fluid still retains its versatility and can be used for gasoline and diesel engines, but now these types have been added and biofuels.

You can identify the new product and slightly changed the name, which is now red and added the letters «HT» ie it is now fully called Optimal HT Synth.

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