Engine oil Liqui Moly Super Leichtlauf

Very hard to read, and the pronounced name of this oil for the Russian people means only «low friction». The Liqui Moly Super Leichtlauf engine oil is a semi-synthetic oil developed for diesel and gasoline engines, atmospheric versions and turbocharged with forced air cooling systems.

Provides for use in motors experiencing high degrees of load. Base oils on a synthetic basis and a set of specialized additives allow the motor oil to meet the requirements of modern engine building.

LIQUI Moly Super Leichtlauf Engine oil, application

Characteristics, properties, specifications Liqui Moly Super Leichtlauf

Like other representatives of this famous brand, the product can please the consumer with such qualities:

  1. High strength oil film under different operating conditions,
  2. Resistance to wear and tear
  3. Perfectly cleans the engine of the products of work,
  4. Ensures smooth running of the internal combustion engine,
  5. fuel Economy,
  6. Compatible with turbines and catalysts.

Complies with API certificates SN/CF, ACEAA3-04/B4-04.

Physical and chemical characteristics

  • Viscosity index – 167,
  • Viscosity index at 100° C– 14 mm sq/s,
  • Viscosity index at 40 S– 86.5 mm sq/s,
  • Flash in open crucible – 228°,
  • Density at 15°– 0.87 g/cm cub.,
  • Pace. Pour point: -39,
  • ash Content – 1-1.6 g/100 g

Engine oil is designed for long service intervals. Available for purchase in software packages 1, 4, 5, 20, 60, 205 liters.

LIQUI Moly Super Leichtlauf Auto oil

Laboratory test

Oil Liqui Moly Super Leichtlauf was tested in the laboratory on a special installation, which is able to reproduce the oxidation situation.

According to the results of such a test, there are no complaints to most of the indicators, but still something was revealed. The auto oil belongs to a sufficiently high group of sh operation, but the production of the additive resource is similar to the lower group of SG.

This may indicate the use of a weak set of additives, or polyalphaolefins are not brought to the desired state. Simply put, the lubrication formula is not well balanced, which leads to a decrease in the real life.

According to the General conclusions of the test, it was concluded that from all other samples the oil proved to be very worthy, and the defect of the formula causes its only minus – premature aging and, accordingly, the need for replacement.

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