Febi Antifreeze

Антифриз Febi (Фэби)

febi antifreeze Produced in Germany belongs to the company of the same name, which produces not only cooling lubricants, but also automotive parts. The brand is very popular on a global scale, and the products are used in vehicles of passenger and cargo types. The company has many branches around the world, including our country. In the domestic market presents a huge range of quality of these consumables.

febi Antifreeze (Febi)

Antifreeze Febi (Fabi)

Main characteristics of antifreeze

Coolants for cooling systems act as long-term consumable elements. They are used for modern and obsolete ice.

The period of replacement of antifreeze is up to 11 years, but it depends on the type of consumable. It is important, not any antifreeze is used eight years, at each variety of the cooler the expiration date. To correctly determine the replacement period, you should read the technical documentation of the solution. It is presented on the packaging.

High-quality antifreeze composition retains useful properties throughout the shelf life of the product.

Main advantages

One of the obvious advantages in some analogues it is possible to allocate:

  • Ability to reliably protect the motor system of the car from the formation of rust spots and cavitation, which can significantly increase the life of some of the working mechanisms of the system.
  • Obstruction of precipitation and various deposits in the details of the power unit.
  • anti-Foam characteristics are also included in the composition of antifreeze. They block the formation of foam in the consumable.
  • Technical solution Fabi neutral with respect to the components of the system of different nature of origin.

Consumable mixtures of Fabi can be mixed with other coolers that do not contain silicon in their composition.

Product range

Febi antifreezes are available in several colors. The colour defines the properties and settings of each product.

Fabi blue

The main purpose of the refrigerant blue shade is considered to be protection against low temperatures and corrosion processes. Applies in any type of motor. According to the manufacturer, if strongly diluted concentrated solution, the mixture even at 25% concentrate retains useful qualities. Permitted the use of in motor transport American and German origin.


Febi yellow antifreeze stands out among other increased resource work, due to the absence of nitrate composition in the product. As a rule, this type of cooler is used in devices that are subject to excessive influence of corrosion processes. This technical solution was created specifically for modern engines.

An extremely important fact is that even 20% of the concentrate mixture is able to maintain quality characteristics and protect the system from rust spots. In addition, the technical mixture has anti-foam properties. Ideal for Ford and Mercedes cars.


As noted in practice, the red cooler is perfect for use in vehicles equipped with aluminum cylinder blocks. Massively used in such brands of cars as Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda. This coolant is able to protect the system from crystallization even in severe cold.

In addition, the composition of red antifreeze prevents corrosion, precipitation. Suitable for temperate climatic zones, where the temperature in winter does not fall below 23 Celsius.

Purple (lilac)

It is considered to be the most universal composition among the linear range of the concern’s products. There are no silicon compounds in the structure of the process fluid. According to the manufacturer, the composition can be used for several years (up to 8). High-quality blend of lilac shade meets all international quality standards.

Purple, he is purple, he is purple antifreeze Febi is able to protect car engine from rust, foaming, cavitation. The universal package of additives provides safety of the polymeric structures which are in system. Antifreeze lilac hue refer to the standard G12+. Therefore, it can be mixed with class G11 and G12 coolers. Relevant for cars Korean and Japanese production, as well as many others.


The coolant is green can withstand temperatures down to 30 Celsius. This composition was specifically designed for use in machines Renault and Dacia. It should be noted that the green antifreeze is supplied to the outlets already diluted, so you do not need to stock up on distilled water and perform dilution manipulations. It’s ready. For the manufacture of the product uses a special technology – Texaco.

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