German Liqui Moli Oils

The company manufactures various types of lubricants, which include a large number of special additives. Today, the company produces a wide range of oils designed to work in a variety of engines.

German Oils By Liqui Moli, line review

German Liqui Moli Oils


The range of Liqui Moli is quite wide. The company manufactures mineral car lubricants, n/synthetic and synthetic lubricantproducts. Each type of oil differs by its viscosity ratio, as well as by a specific price. The company’s factories also produce exclusive oils for a large number of companies that make cars.

The line-up includes special additives that play the role of a defender against aggressive environments. The base is a motor fluid containing MoS2. Thanks to it, the propulsion system is able to work reliably at a heavy load.

Liqui Moly Optimal

Synthetics differs from other oils with light fluidity. It includes a large number of unique additives. The lubricant is suitable for several types of engines:

  • Petrol;
  • Diesel;
  • Turbocharged;
  • With a cooling system of incoming air.

Liqui Moly Optimal meets all modern requirements for motor lubricants. The oil is able to withstand any extreme conditions.

Among the main advantages of Liqui Moli 5w40 Optimal are:

  • The noiselessness of the engine;
  • Excellent lubricating performance;
  • The oil is resistant to the formation of bullies;
  • The life of the engine is increased.
  • Protects against heat;
  • Does not allow the formation of sediments;
  • At sub-zero temperatures, an oil film is instantly formed;
  • By reducing the friction factor, reducing fuel consumption;
  • The exhaust contains a minimum amount of toxic substances.

Liqui Moly 10W40

This semi-synthetic oil is manufactured in accordance with the 30/70 process process. In this case, 30% of the base is a synthetic material, 70% taken from the mineral.

As a result, a mixture of these foundations helped to create a motor fluid with excellent protective properties. The molidden disulfide, which is part of the oil, gives the liquid special properties:

  • Exploitation in extreme conditions;
  • Normal work at high temperature;
  • Fluid replacement occurs after a long engine run of 25,000 km or more.

Today, Liqui Moly 10W40 semi-synthetics have been used in other types of technology:

  • Construction equipment;
  • Heavy excavators;
  • The dump trucks.

Among the benefits of Liqui Moli 10W40 can be found:

  • The lubricant quickly gets to all the rubbing surfaces;
  • The noise level is reduced;
  • Protects against scum;
  • Fuel consumption decreases by approximately 1.7%;
  • The power of the DVS is increasing by 3%;
  • Excellent viscosity and fluidity allow you to start the engine in the cold;
  • The engine is always clean, thanks to excellent detergent additives;
  • Prevents the formation of condensate;
  • The oil can be poured into turbocharged engines;
  • Suitable for working in compressor installations;
  • It can work on new cars and on having a great mileage.

Motorists speak about this oil only on the positive side. It works well in different climatic conditions. Professionals consider him one of the best.

Liqui Moly 5W40

Today, the semi-syntheticS of The Liqui Moli 5w40, which has excellent technical characteristics, remains the most popular among Russian motorists. Designed to work in cars manufactured in Japan and Europe, is able to work in vehicles with a diesel engine.

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