HEPU antifreeze line

HEPU Antifreezes – products of the German company, characterized by impeccable quality and absolute reliability. The manufacturer in the manufacture of coolants uses only high quality materials, as well as the most modern and proven technology.

Antifreeze hepu

Basic properties

The composition of HEPU antifreeze includes:

  • glycol concentrate,
  • modifying agents,
  • distilled water,
  • dye.

This is a universal tool that is equally suitable for both gasoline and diesel units. It has an affordable price and good performance:

It guarantees reliable protection of the internal surfaces of the engine cooling system against chemical corrosion, cavitation and overheating.

Reduces the risk of alkaline and acid deposits to a minimum.

High heat capacity and thermal conductivity.

Ideal for aluminum structures.

Compatible with rubber and synthetic components.

By 15-25% extends the service life of the auxiliary elements present in the engine cooling system (pump, thermostat, heater, etc.).

All the modifiers used meet the technical requirements of the leading car manufacturers.

Antifreeze concentrate hepu

Hepu coolant Line

The main series of coolant P999 Hepu company is concentrated compositions that serve as the basis for the manufacture of antifreezes. Instructions for the production of the solution at home is on the back side of the package.

The group of concentrates includes the following modifications:

1). Mixtures based on ethylene glycol with the addition of inorganic minerals – G11. Painted in blue, yellow and green.

2). G12, G12+ – liquid of reddish color on the basis of the dihydric alcohol packages carboxylate additives. Carboxylates are salts of organic carboxylic acids.

3). Brand of antifreeze G13 – a new development, which is a violet emulsion. The basis for the production of coolant is propylene glycol alcohol and a package of modifying additives.

Yellow Hepu P999 YLW

Yellow antifreeze belonging, according to the international classification, to the class of liquids G11. It has a set of inorganic additives.

Hepu P999 YLW yellow

The characteristics are optimal for use in diesel engines, cooling systems which are equipped with copper radiators. The liquid is not recommended for use in motors where there are parts made of aluminum alloys.

Antifreeze Hepu P999 blue (blue)

Standard cooling mixture (G11), painted blue. The service life is more than 175000 km protects the engine from freezing in winter, provides easy starting and fast engine warm up.

Hepu P999 blue

Supplemented with anti-foam, anti-corrosion and antioxidant additives. OJ is designed for all types of vehicles. The crystallization threshold is 38°C.

Green Hepu P999-GRN

Green low-freezing coolants. The characteristics are classified as G11, but despite this, the additive package does not include amines, nitrates and phosphates.

Green hepu P999-GRN

They have high anti-corrosion and antioxidant properties. Recommended for use in Mercedes and Renault systems.

Hepu P999–G12 red

Universal red antifreeze, made on the basis of diatomic alcohol with the addition of carboxylate modifiers. Contains anti-foam and anti-corrosion additives, non-corrosive, ideal for all types of engines.

Antifreeze Hepu P999–G12

Different from traditional additives principle. If antifreezes of class G11 cover the entire inner surface of the cooling jacket with a protective film, then carbon reagents act locally and are activated only in case of chemical corrosion.

The service life is 250,000 km. Recommended for Audi, Opel, Volvo, Skoda.

Hepu G12 Plus purple

Purple liquid, made by carboxylate technology, contains a set of antioxidant, anti-foam and anti-corrosion modifiers. The service life of 3-5 years.

Antifreeze Hepu G12+

Guarantees powerful protection against freezing and overheating. Recommended for use in motors mounted on Volkswagen vehicles.

Coolant P999-G13

The latest development in the field of low-freezing liquids is a chemical compound produced by lobrid technology and belonging to the class G13. The main components of antifreeze are distilled water, propylene glycol and a group of additives containing salts of organic (carboxylic) and inorganic (silicates) acids.

Antifreeze hepu P999-G13

The service life of the coolant is equal to the service life of the vehicle. Lobrid emulsions are compatible with all brands of antifreezes, made by carboxylate and hybrid scheme.

How to protect yourself from fakes

HEPU coolants are very popular among Russian motorists. Because of this, not dishonest producers often fake products of famous companies. Therefore, when buying OZH should pay attention to the following points:

Antifreeze g12 hepu

  1. the Container for mixes shall be made of high-quality plastic, have no chips, zadirov and other defects.
  2. the trademark and the bar code of the manufacturer must be placed On the packaging of the goods.
  3. On the back side of the canister placed instructions for the manufacture of antifreeze, and in several languages, including Russian.
  4. the Colour of the liquid shall be as specified in the product description.

In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, antifreeze should be purchased only from official representatives of the company.

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