How to choose antifreeze for car

Как выбрать антифриз для автомобиля

in order for The engine of any car to work properly, it is necessary to use special coolants – antifreezes. Ordinary water freezes when the temperature drops to zero degrees. In antifreezes, this value is much lower. This allows you to reliably protect the engine from damage caused by the expansion of water during its freezing.

How to choose antifreeze for car

The most important characteristic of the refrigerant is the crystallization/thickening temperature due to the negative temperature. Any of them has in its composition special additives. They reliably protect the motor from harmful phenomena:

  • Corrosion;
  • Decrease the elasticity of the rubber components;
  • Cracking;
  • Increased wear and tear.

Antifreeze can only freeze at very low negative temperatures. Usually at this point, a mushy mass is formed, which does not affect the operation of the engine.

what is antifreeze made of

It is based on:

  • polypropylene Glycol;
  • Water;
  • Additives.

Due to the original properties of additives, antifreeze acquires special qualities:

  • anti-Corrosion;
  • Never foams;
  • does Not freeze.

Antifreezes are made by foreign and Russian manufacturers. An original additive package is added to each composition. That is why the quality of the product, as well as its composition, are never the same.


The largest German company Volkswagen specifically for its production has developed a classification of antifreezes. Depending on the action of additives, they were divided into groups:

  • G11;
  • G12;
  • G12+.

Today, this classification is used by all manufacturers of coolers.


The cheapest antifreeze. It is based on ethylene glycol, together with a minimum package of additives. Made of silicone, they form a thin layer on the walls of the cooling channels, protecting them from corrosion. G11 is poured mainly only in domestic cars. Designed for 2 years of operation.


In its composition there are no nitrites. The refrigerant is made of high-quality ethylene glycol with the addition of carboxylate compounds. The thin film formed by antifreeze appears only in certain areas where there is a risk of corrosion processes. At the same time, heat removal from the system increases. In case of corrosion, it is quickly localized carboxylate additives.

Such a cooler is very effective in machines equipped with a high-speed motor operating at high temperature values. Complete replacement of antifreeze G12 is carried out in five years.


Non-toxic polypropylene glycol is used for production. This is the safest composition that meets all environmental requirements. Special components – additives – make it possible to fill such antifreeze in aluminum or cast iron engines.


Universal brand, which does not include phosphates (quite harmful substances). Compatible with older types of coolers. Designed for vehicles operating at elevated temperatures.

What colours is antifreeze painted?

Since the range of coolants is large enough, manufacturers paint them in a certain color that characterizes the available properties.

Green, Green

Inexpensive cooler, which includes additives of organic and inorganic origin. This shade is typical for representatives of the brand G11. It has better characteristics than conventional antifreeze. It is used in old cars manufactured before 1996. It has anti-corrosion properties, creating a protective film. Requires replacement at least once every three years. Available and varieties – G11+ and G11++, with improved composition of additives.

Blue, Blue

He’s Tosol. At low temperature, it is subjected to freezing, contains a minimum number of additives related to the method of manufacturing to the first generation. Contain various inorganic compounds, including phosphates, nitrites, silicates, nitrites, forming the thinnest protective film.

Due to the aggressiveness of the composition refers to the outdated, especially when taking into account the rather «low» boiling point – 110 Celsius. The fact is that for many modern ice such temperature indicators (or even higher) are working.

Red, Red

This color is painted antifreeze brand G12. It has improved performance in comparison with other coolants. It is used in cars produced from 1996 to 2001. The composition is dominated by additives of organic type. The refrigerant creates a strong non-crumbling protective film, fully fights corrosion (but does not protect from it). Does not require replacement for a long period of up to five years.


The color indicates high quality and excellent environmental properties. In this color painted brand:

  • G12+;
  • G12++.

That is a subspecies of the red antifreeze. Refers to the most expensive samples, but the cost is fully compensated by the quality. Contain maximum organic filler components. Designed for use in the latest vehicles operating in harsh conditions.

How to choose antifreeze

It is quite difficult to choose the right refrigerant. The manufacturer usually indicates its brand in the technical documentation.

If you decide to use an analog, be sure to read the label, which indicates the important information, of which the most relevant:

  • Name;
  • date of manufacture;
  • expiration Date;
  • Where applicable.

The container must be closed with a plug having a disposable ratchet. At the bottom of the canister is invalid precipitate, the composition should be completely transparent.

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