How to dilute the concentrate of antifreeze with water

Как правильно развести концентрат антифриза водой

Concentrated antifreeze – one of the most popular products on the market of automotive consumables. But many, even experienced car owners do not know how to dilute the concentrate of antifreeze with water, whether it can be diluted and why it is done at all. It is possible to dissolve refrigerants with water, it is necessary to consider only the strict proportions set by the producer of technical liquid.

How to dilute antifreeze concentrate with water

do All coolers dilute?

Manufacturers produce antifreezes, both in concentrated form and in a ready-to-use form. All coolants have the same basic composition – the simplest diatomic alcohol (ethylene glycol). In addition to the alcohol component, the structure of the technical liquid includes specially developed additives that protect the solution from adverse factors.

The crystallization temperature of the pure polyatomic compound is below 50 degrees below zero, so the substance must be dissolved with water. In practice, the manufacturer indicates the sold container, how to dilute the refrigerant and in what percentage.

Do not forget that not every cooler produces in concentrated form. Some refrigerants already contain purified water and its additional introduction is not necessary. In addition to polyatomic alcohol and distilled water, the composition may contain a set of different additives in the form of inhibitors of corrosion processes. These inhibitors reliably protect the vulnerable surfaces of the motor from the harmful effects of alcohol.

It should be noted that with excessive dilution of the cooler, part of the useful properties of the additive complex evaporates, and this leads to the appearance of various deposits, scale, deposits.

As a result, non-concentrated antifreeze solutions are always diluted only in cases of urgent need and with a small amount of water.

Why dilute antifreeze with water

As already known, all concentrates must be diluted. But this is not the only reason for the dissolution of the cooler. Another reason for this is to maintain the required level of refrigerant in the engine heat exchanger. This parameter is relevant in the warm season, as the water contained in the antifreeze evaporates (evaporates), and the heat exchanger is only a concentrated solution. Therefore, no additional dilution is necessary.

If the heat is to dilute the concentrate, it will damage the inner surface of the nodes of the cooling system of the engine. It should be remembered that the dissolved antifreeze always changes before the winter operation of the car, that is, before the cold weather.

There is a natural question, and whether it is possible to mix water and the concentrated solution of antifreeze in the winter? You can, but only in an emergency. If you just mix the water and concentrate, the cooler will increase the pour point. An over-dissolved cooler simply thickens and can even solidify in the cooling system, which will quickly lead to motor failure.

But if there was a situation when there is a leak in the system of antifreeze and the level of the cooler is extremely low, the addition of water to the radiator will be the most rational measure of support. If this is not done, such a situation can provoke overheating of the engine.

How to dilute antifreeze concentrate with water

To do everything correctly, you need to take into account some factors, in particular, in what conditions the car engine will be operated. As a rule, the cooler in the form of concentrate has a pour point of about 65 degrees below zero. Such cold is very rare, especially for temperate latitudes. Therefore, it is necessary to slightly increase the crystallization temperature by mixing the composition with purified water:

  • If the concentrate is diluted in a ratio of 1 to 1, the solidification temperature of the solution will be about 35 Celsius;
  • In a ratio of 2 to 3 (antifreeze and water, respectively) crystallization will begin at 30 degrees below zero;
  • In a fraction of 1 to 2, the solidification of the solution will approach the mark of 20 frost.


For the dissolution of the cooler is suitable specialized water, usually distilled. Antifreeze should not be mixed with distillate, sold in a pharmacy, standard crane or water from natural reservoirs. The fact that such a liquid contains undesirable compounds of calcium and magnesium. Thanks to them, it becomes rigid, and in the process of operation of the power unit of the car, the appearance of scale is possible.

In situations where it is not possible to purchase distillate from retail outlets, you can resort to a little trick – pour standard water, but before that it is good to boil for at least 30 minutes.

In recent years, the manufacturers fluids are agitating that their concentrate is optionally diluted with distillate. To verify these statements, a small test is necessary. A small amount of antifreeze and water is placed in a transparent vessel. The resulting mixture is left for 1-2 days. If the technical solution during this period has become cloudy or the appearance of sediment is noticeable, then only purified water should be used.

If the color of the antifreeze is saturated and there is no precipitate in the mixture, this sign indicates that the resulting antifreeze is suitable for use.

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