Byton Electric Car 2019-2020

The Chinese market continues to be actively replenished with electric models. This time the electric-mobile startup was shown by a new company. The Byton 2019 concept car was first shown to the audience in Las Vegas at the show last year.

Byton 2019-2020

Then the management made a loud statement that the latest development embodies the idea of a generation of smart devices, which are designed to expand the era of shering services. The car is distinguished by an abundance of assistants of autonomous driving and intellectual mobility.


A little earlier it became known that the company was founded by former employees of Tesla, Nissan and BMV. At the same time, Chinese investors took part in the creation. We are talking about Tencent Holdings, which is one of Tesla's largest shareholders.

Officials assure that the car novelty has received advanced technological equipment, including four levels of autonomous driving, recognition of biometric data of the owner, the maximum list of digital control devices and 1.2 metres long display.

The minimum modification will be powered by a battery capacity of 71 kWh. The power unit should be enough for 400 kilometers of running without recharging. According to the specifications, the maximum generation allows to expand the volume to 95 kWh.

Thus, the range increases to 520 kilometers. As well as the more expensive analogues of imported production, the charge up to 80% is replenished in 30 minutes.


The Beaton 2019 concept has a completely new body. The photo shows the dynamic outlines that add up to an attractive exterior. The length of the crossover equates to 4850 mm with a wheelbase of 2,945 mm. The wheel arches can accommodate 22 inch wheels.

Byton 2019-2020 review

The pictures clearly show a shortened front bumper. The compact sub-capital space and truncated overhang on the front, together with the tilted roof line, and narrow glazing, gives a sense of dynamism and sport.

However, these are not the main advantages of the SUV. Appearance takes a back seat when it comes to embedded technologies. An interesting feature is the light display on the front and back.

LED front optics luminescent in the brand logo in the center. In addition, there are several lines and dots that connect with each other and can change settings, giving out new geometry, displaying the style and scenario of driving.

Also, this "chip" can act as a way of communication between the driver and pedestrians. The same functionality is implied for front optics.

This information can be considered official, as it was reported by the company's management during the press release.


Getting into the interior of the car, you feel in the future. In the center is a giant screen measuring 125 to 25 centimeters (49-9.8 inches). It extends to the entire front panel leaving no room for the usual elements.

On the central screen of the front, the visual equipment does not end. Rear passengers were allocated two large monitors, which assume the presence of a 5G connection, advanced AI, built on a specially designed platform.

Thanks to these screens, second-row passengers can engage in productive activities or use them as entertainment.

Byton Salon 2019-2020

The Byton Life platform allows you to remember the "digital identity" of the driver and passenger. Thus, the system will independently determine your favorite music, settings, videos, etc. In addition, the system allows you to track the health of the passenger and driver. Numerous sensors track parameters: pulse, weight and pressure.

Beaton 2019 supports the management of voice commands and gestures. You can integrate Amazon Alexa into it if you wish. It should be said that the chairs in the Chinese novelty still do not turn 180 degrees, but have a small 12-degree reserve to facilitate communication with the systems.

Market outlook

Byton electric car

The cutting-edge auto innovation is expected in China as early as 2019. Production could start in the coming months. It is not yet known whether the "serial" will fit the concept in full, but the expectation for critics becomes intolerable.

In 2020, the car is expected in Europe and the United States. Presumably, the minimum price for the starting version will start from 45,000 dollars (about 3,000,000 rubles). In the original version, the electric car will be sold with only three levels of autonomy, a little later the manufacturer will expand the possibilities to four.

In the near future, the management of the car concern to release on the market single-platform sedan and minivan, which are supposed to appear in the form of concepts as early as 2021-2022. You can find out the release date of Beaton 2019, trim and price from the official dealer.

Video test drive


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