Kixx Neo 0W-30 oil reviews

Kixx Neo 0W-30, отзывы

Here you can read real reviews about Korean synthetic engine oil Kixx Neo API SN/CF 0W-30 Fully Synthetic from owners of cars of different brands. If you have experience in the application of Kiks Neo 0W30, share it with the rest, and send your feedback via the comments form. Immediately after moderation it will be published.

Kixx Neo 0W-30, отзывы

Owner reviews of engine oil Kixx Neo 0W-30

Roman, Lada Granta

In advertising saw synthetic oil Kixx Neo 0w30, decided to experiment, bought for his car Lada Granta sedan. It feels very high quality oil, still use, fake did not come across.

The engine hums much quieter than before, even friends noticed. The machine starts without any problems.

Ivan, Mitsubisi Lancer IX 2006

I want to share my opinion about the synthetic KIX Neo 0W-30. Bought on the advice of a friend, has long enjoyed. Poured. Immediately noticed a pleasant change in the car.

I change infrequently, the machine works properly, the engine even became better to accelerate, which I did not expect.

Boris, Peugeot 308

Hello. I have a Peugeot 308 Hatchback. Used to use expensive oil, but at some point had to choose something cheaper and affordable. Of course, I was looking for similar qualities, suggested that I will fit the car oil KIXX NEO API SN/CF 0W 30.

Soon came to the conclusion that you still need to look further, because the engine began to make noise, and since the car is large, you have to constantly do the dosing, and even the smell of some nasty.

It is better to spend more, but the car will work properly and without annoying changes.

Alex, Hundai Solaris

Recently bought a car Hund Solaris, and immediately began to pick up the oil. Father advised Kixx 0w-30 neo, so long as it is used. I am very grateful to him, because I am completely satisfied with this oil.

The car works well, nothing particularly noisy, pedals are pressed clearly, darkens not immediately and do not change often. Without problems I start the car even in -32 degrees. All friends now advise to use.

Olga, Mazda 3

The old oil has ceased to hold that at that price. I love my car, decided that it deserves the best, and began to pick up oil. To consult was not with anyone, and decided to just try different, starting with oil Kixx Neo Fully Synthetic 0W-30, and immediately disappointed.

Personally, in my car, it darkens quickly, the engine as it buzzes and vibrates, annoys me. The choice has stopped on more expensive competitor.

Dmitry, Kia Cerato

I want to tell you about my experience using the oil Kixx Neo SAE 0W-30. Recently started to use, all happy. The engine works properly, the quality satisfy me and my car Kia.

The color changes soon, so an oil change is produced not so often, compared to my previous oil, which I used for almost 2 years. I do not regret that moved Kiks. Would know about it immediately, and money would be saved and there would be no problem.

Irina, Citroen Berlingo Multispace

Hello! Recently decided to change the oil in your car for a cheaper counterpart. Stopped at 100% synthetic Kixx Neo API SN/CF 0W-30 and still use it. I can easily drive 7000 km without changing the oil.

The engine is not noisy, at least not noticed, nothing annoying. Now all my friends only buy it.

Valery, Kia Optima

Recently my dad bought a sedan, I get a little oil decided to use inexpensive. I chose quality like Kixx 0w-30, and friends like.

Was completely satisfied the car is working properly. I have even got used to that oil, until all are satisfied, then we’ll see.

Nicholas, Suzuki Jimny

Recently, the shares bought oil Kixx Neo SAE 0W-30, although previously it was not used. I just decided to try it, because after reading the quality, I thought it would completely replace my expensive oil. I realized I was wrong.

I did not like how the pedals began to react, besides the engine makes strange sounds. Maybe, of course, it depends on the size or type of car, I’m not sure.

I decided that it is better to go back to his good old oil, and will no longer conduct experiments on his swallow.

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