Langzeit-Motoroil Truck FE Liqui Moly

Designed for truck vehicles, Langzeit-Motoroil Truck FE Liqui Moly is reduced viscosity, which allows you to achieve energy-saving properties, which means, neither much nor little, much less fuel consumption, as well as the wear and tear of engine parts. It is recommended for motors with an environmental class Euro 2, 3. It is traditionally high quality, is made on a synthetic base with the addition of specialized additives, meets all the requirements of Nfz cars, and an additional bonus for the buyer can be called an incredibly high term lubricant service before replacement — 120,000 Km.

Langzeit-Motoroil Truck FE Liqui Moly Oil Review

Langzeit-Motoroil Truck FE Liqui Moly

Physical data, recommendations for use

The oil is designed specifically for high-load DVS, and the manufacturer recommends it exclusively for diesel-powered engines at the maximum intervals, provided it is approved truck manufacturer.

The specifications look like this:

  • Losses on evaporation (%) — 12;
  • Ignition temperature (0C) — 224;
  • Elm index — 169;
  • Viscosity (400C) — 70 mm sq/s;
  • Density (15 0C) — 0.86 g/cm cube;
  • Freezing temperature (0C) — -48;
  • Viscosity rate (100 0C) — 12 mm sq/s;
  • Viscosity (-40 0C) is less than 10,000. Ms.
  • Elm class — 5W30;

Admissions, certificate compliance and distinctive properties

By pouring Langzeit-Motoroil Truck FE Licky Moli into the engine of his car, the owner will get only positive results:

Pure intercooler;

The ability to mix lubricants with analogues;

A trouble-free winter launch;

No cylinder polishing;

High protection of the motor from wear and strength of the lubricating layer;

Removing various sediments from the parts of the DVS;

The stability of pressure in the lubricant system;

The ability to operate a car in different temperature conditions;

Extending the «life» of the turbine;

Due to lower viscous properties — reduced fuel consumption.

The product has tolerances from such automakers as Volvo, MAN, Mercedes, Renault, Mack. Additionally, manufacturer Liqui Moly talks about the possibility of using this oil and for MTU, IVECO, Caterpillars, DAF.

Liqui Moli Langzeit-Motoroil Truck FE is a motor oil that meets all the conditions required by ACEA E7/E4, API CI-4.

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