LIQUI Moly engine oils

Моторные масла Liqui Moly

Liqui Moly – German brand, the company is located in Ulm, shows excellent dynamic and innovative development, the products have more than 6 thousand varieties. This manufacturer has a great reputation in the market of lubricants, offers the buyer a large selection of motor oil Liqui Moly, which is always characterized by high quality.

LIQUI Moly engine oils

From the range of the company you can choose a car oil for your car in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer.

About us

Today the brand is widely used and known in more than 120 countries, is engaged in the production of a wide variety of lubricating fluids and not only, for example:

  1. Engine oils,
  2. transmission Oils,
  3. car care Products,
  4. professional level auto Chemistry.

This is only a small part of what the company has to offer.

In Germany the brand 6 years as receives a rank of the best brand in the field of lubricant production, and in General is considered priority in the territory of this country, than Germans are very proud.

The container in which the oil is poured, has a recognizable, stylish design and logo, and in combination with the proven efficiency and high quality of the lubricant causes only good emotions in the buyer.

Consider some of the popular engine oils, the most popular among car owners.

Optimal Synth

As the name implies, refers to the optimal line, which offers the client both semi-synthetic and synthetic. It is made on the basis of pure synthetics, has a viscosity of 5W40 and has such good quality as fluidity.

Can be used all year round, has a very decent pour point (-39°C). It is intended for vehicles equipped with modern internal combustion engines, both petrol and diesel, with high power.

Optimal Synth perfectly reduces friction of working parts and reduces fuel consumption.

It can be used in engines equipped with turbocharging systems, is able to operate at a high level of loads, has an excellent level of reliability, well protects the engine in all operating modes, the oil has been tested on catalysts.

LIQUI Moly auto Oil

Optimal Benzin

Refers to the same product line as the sample described above, but produced on a semi-synthetic basis using the latest technology.

Thanks to a thoughtful and careful selection of basic components, it can significantly reduce deposits and deposits on the surfaces of the engine.

Optimal Benzin has a good freezing point (-33°C). It belongs to the category of all-season, but is not recommended for too cold climatic zones.

Designed for gasoline and diesel engines operating at high speeds, including units with forced air supply systems (turbocharging).

Optimal Diesel

The name itself indicates the purpose of this lubricating fluid for diesel engines. It has a viscosity of 10W40, it is characterized by easy fluidity and can be used throughout the year, the pour point is -33°C.

Motor oil is produced on the basis of special synthesis technologies and formulas, meets all the requirements for lubricants of this kind. By adding special additives ensures clean working surfaces of the motor.

Optimal Diesel is perfect for diesel engines, including turbocharged, able to perform its functions and under heavy loads.

Synthoil High Tech

Created on the basis of pure synthetics, has a low viscosity index, is used for use throughout the year for cars. Meets all the requirements, perfect for turbocharged engines.

Synthoil High Tech motor oil is universal, can be used for both gasoline and diesel engines, including supercharged modifications, designed to work with an extended replacement interval, has a viscosity of 5W40.

Liqui Moly, German engine oils

Super Leichtlauf

It is best suited for diesel and gasoline engines, with turbocharging systems and without it, experiencing high loads at work. The product is a semi-synthetic motor oil.

The base oils in Super Leichtlauf complete with a set of additives ensure that all the requirements of leading automakers are met. The oil has versatility, designed for extended replacement intervals.

Top Tec line

I would like to dwell on this line and talk about it a little more. It is a group of LowSAPS&MidSAPS, which indicates a low content in the product of compounds such as zinc, sulfur, phosphorus, and in addition a low rate of sulfate ash.

Certificate ACEA class C1-C4, whereby oil is ideal for complex multi-stage purification systems of exhaust gases and diesel particulate filters.

The features of the top Tec series include:

  • energy Saving properties,
  • Low ash content,
  • Suitable for new warranty vehicles,
  • Perfectly protects the engine,
  • Has nominal tolerances from car manufacturers,
  • Due to the wide range you can choose the goods under his engine,
  • Belongs to the category LOWSAPS&MIDSAPS.

The composition is built on a small quantity of common additives anti-seize type (ZDDP), for the compensation of this moment oil is added molybdenum compounds.

Production has specializations of such eminent producers as BMW, Honda, Opel, Fiat, Mercedes Benz and others. Might be a good replacement for the original oil, filled with cars (because of the nominal tolerances).

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