LIQUI Moly Longtime Plus engine oil

Моторное масло Liqui Moly Synthoil Longtime Plus

Liqui Moly Synthoil Longtime Plus – motor oil for cars, which is a 100 % synthetic viscosity 0W30. Intended for use throughout the year. During the period of its use, extended intervals of inter-service replacement are provided. But the main feature of this motor oil is its adaptation specifically for VAG cars (Volkswagen Group).

LIQUI Moly Synthoil Longtime Plus motor oil

LIQUI Moly Synthoil Longtime Plus engine oil

Application and distinctive properties

The manufacturer recommends the use of lubricating fluid LIQUI Moly long Time Sintec Plus for cars, under the hood, which has both gasoline and diesel engines, may also be used for atmospheric and turbocharged versions. High stability and low viscosity in low-temperature operating conditions are guaranteed by a reasonable combination of base oil based on synthetics and a set of additives created by the latest technologies.

Due to its formula, in addition to the functions mentioned above, the oil is able to keep the engine clean, effectively eliminating deposits, provides excellent wear resistance of the motor, reduces the friction of its working parts. As an additional bonus, there is a decrease in fuel consumption, along with an increase in the life of the engine.

Speaking of the application, it is impossible not to notice the word Plus in the name of the car oil in question, but it is added for a reason, and says about the significant changes made to this product for lubrication. In addition to the synthetic base, special substances – esters were added to the composition, thanks to them it was possible to significantly increase the anti-wear properties under high loads and temperatures.

From the distinctive properties can be identified:

  1. Adaptability to work in 5 — and 10-cylinder ice;
  2. Reduced fuel consumption;
  3. Even at -30 ⁰C there will be no problems with starting;
  4. Excellent protection when operating at high temperatures.

Additives in the composition of the engine oil Liqui Moly Synthoil Longtime Plus increase the bearing capacity of the oil film, and by adding elements containing calcium to their composition, a powerful effect of the entire structure on thermal deposits is provided. As a result, they are destroyed, and the motor is consistently maintained clean.

Certificates of conformity and physico-chemical data

The oil is ACEA A1/B1/A5/B5 certified and approved by VW. Considering its characteristics, it is possible to note especially important:

  • Viscosity index (100 ⁰C) – 9.6 mm sq/s;
  • Flash in an open crucible – 220 ⁰C;
  • pour Point (⁰C): -39;
  • ash Content – 1.3 g/100 g;
  • density Index (15 ⁰C) – 0.855 g/cm3;
  • Viscosity index (40 ⁰C) – 52.6 mm sq/s;
  • Colour ASTM – 0;
  • Viscosity index – 169;

As mentioned above, the oil is created specifically for the brand VW, but there are some notes on its use, namely – apply Liqui Moly Longtime Plus should be for engines since 2000 release, compatibility with older versions it does not, so you should not fill it in such models.

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