LIQUI Moly Synthoil Diesel Oil

Even the actual name of this oil makes it clear its purpose – especially for engines running on diesel fuel. Like many other representatives of the brand LIQUI Moli, it belongs to the class of pure PAO synthetics, has a low viscosity, includes a special set of additives with dispersing and washing properties.

Description of Liqui Moly Synthoil Diesel

LIQUI Moly Synthoil Diesel oil

Oil Diesel Synthoil Liqui Moly (LIQUI Moly Sintoil, Etc.) can be recommended for diesel engines operating under severe conditions at high level loads, including the internal combustion engine with a turbocharger (including models with intercoolers).

Tolerances, recommendations

The product complies with APICF, ACEAB4 certificates and has recommendations of such manufacturers as VW, Mercedes-Benz, BMW.

Liqui Moly Synthoil Diesel has the following properties:

the Durability of a lubricating film at different temperatures.

  • aging Resistance.
  • Low fumes and evaporation.
  • Relaxed cold start.
  • Suitable for motors with turbines and catalysts.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Compatible with standard oils.


Because of viscosity, which is at a low level, provided the engine start-up even in the harsh cold, and also pumping oil in the lubricating system of the internal combustion engine.

Additives developed according to a special formula can compensate for the negative impact on the engine of low-quality fuel, and 100% synthetic always makes it possible to feel confident in the reliable protection of the motor, even with extended replacement periods.

Physical and chemical data

At the end of the review, it is worth considering the chemical properties of Synthoil Diesel, and here’s how they look:

  1. viscosity Index (100 ⁰C) – 14 mm q / s
  2. Viscosity index – 170
  3. Density index (15 ⁰C) – 0.85 g/cm cube.
  4. viscosity Index (40 ⁰C) – 86 mm q / s
  5. Flash in an open crucible – 222 ° C
  6. Solidification — -45 ⁰C
  7. color Index – 3.5

LIQUI Moly Synthoil Diesel oil is designed for use at any time of the year.

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