LIQUI Moly Synthoil Race Tech GT1 oil

Probably, almost every manufacturer of motor oil has in its line something special, designed for such conditions that are hardly possible to create in normal operation of the car. The article is devoted to Liqui Moly Race Tech GT1 – motor oil, created specifically for racing cars with a high degree of afterburner, which is widely used among professional racers.

Моторное масло Liqui Moly Synthoil Race Tech GT1

Description of Liqui Moly Synthoil Race Tech GT1 oil

Synthoil Race Tech GT1, of course, is a representative of the line of pure synthetics based on PAO, combined with a special set of additives of the latest generation. The structure is developed taking into account rigid requirements of the sports cars working in especially loaded modes.

The oil is able to maintain the pressure in the lubrication system under various loads, maintain its properties in a wide temperature range, protect the motor from overheating, significantly reduce friction losses, effectively deal with deposits on the surfaces of the elements of the motor system.

The product can be mixed with standard oils and is compatible with exhaust gas cleaning systems (catalysts).

Certificates of conformity, physical and chemical properties, application

Likvi Moli Sintoil Race Tech GT1 has such certificates as API SL/CF, ACEA A3/B4 and has a tolerance from the manufacturer Fiat.

Technical specifications are displayed in the following figures:

  • Evaporability (%) – 7;
  • Alkali – 8.4 mg KOH/g;
  • Viscosity grade: 10W60;
  • The viscosity (100 ° C) – 24 sq mm/s;
  • Pour point (°C): -36;
  • Viscosity index – 174;
  • Density index (15 ° C) – 0.850 g/cm cube.;
  • Index viscosity (40 ° C) – 168 mm kV/s;
  • The flash in the open crucible (⁰C) – 246;
  • Ash content – 1-1.6 g/100 g;
  • ASTM – 5 color;

The manufacturer provides for the use of motor oil for diesel and gasoline engines, atmospheric and turbocharged types, designed specifically for the stringent requirements of sports engines.

The hero of the review passed tests in real races on cars of the Russian team «Formula Z», and it would be unethical not to share their opinion.

Test Race Tech GT1 from the team «Formula Z»

Ring races are a popular type of Motorsport, they allow you to create a powerful test of strength for the car, because the engine is at the limit of its capabilities. The oil testing team is one of the strongest in the formula 1600 class.

Ice for cars are most often used domestic VAZ, prepared in a special way with the necessary modifications and tuning. The work in the area of 7-8 thousand rpm (ie red area of the tachometer of conventional cars) is the standard for these motors on the track are cases of acceleration in the region of 10 thousand rpm.

Thanks to the complete disassembly of the engine after each race, in order to check its condition, the team has extensive experience in the use of lubricating fluids.

After pouring Liqui Moly Synthoil Race Tech GT1 was marked by his ability to perfectly cleanse the system by holding oxidation products suspended in the heavy-duty operation, during the inspection of the disassembled components of the motor on them is almost not found in the Nagar.

Anti-wear properties are no less pronounced, which is noticeable in the absence of strong bullying and Cam pitting. Despite the most severe load parts and cylinder walls have a low level of wear. As additional points:

  • Lost unpleasant clanging sounds;
  • The engine became quieter and softer.

After the transition to this car oil, the team did not have global engine failures.

Comparing the crankshaft inserts, it was concluded that significantly less wear when working on Race Tech GT1 oil against another well-known Western brand. In both cases, after three races inserts were subjected to severe wear, but under such loads is normal. However, sports car, dressed lubricating liquid from LIQUI Moly, could pass for another race.

Another important criterion can be called thermal stability, namely – the ability of the oil to maintain its properties and strength of the film with significant heating of the engine. Based on the defects of the disassembled power unit there is a very high stability of the motor oil on these characteristics.

In addition, the pressure in the lubrication system is maintained at a good level even with a strong drop in speed (up to 3000), another famous brand showed strong pressure jumps.

Based on observations, the formula Z Team came to the conclusion that the Liqui Moly Synthoil Race Tech GT1 not only meets the requirements of high-performance cars, but even exceeds them.

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