LKW-Leichtlauf-Motoroil Basic by Liqui Moly

This type of motor oil from Liqui Moli can be safely classified as universal. It is recommended for companies with different types of equipment at their disposal. Liqui Moly LKW-Leichtlauf-Motoroil Basic oil is fully applicable for pouring into diesel and petrol engines, including turbocharged versions. At the heart of the same proven HC synthetics in combination with high-quality additives, which provides a relaxed start of the engine in the cold period and its excellent protection. Like other products of the company, provides a long work before replacement.

LKW-Leichtlauf-Motoroil Basic review by Liqui Moly

LKW-Leichtlauf-Motoroil Basic Liqui Moly

Physical characteristics, application

Liqui Moly recommends its products for DVS, which operate on gasoline and diesel fuel, experiencing high levels of loads. LKW-Leichtlauf-Motoroil Basic Liqui Moly is perfect for fleets with many different vehicles.

It has the following properties:

  • Evaporability (%) — less than 13;
  • Freezing temperature (0C) — -39;
  • Elm index — 152;
  • The knitted metric (at t’100 0C) is 14 mm sq/s;
  • Density (15 0C) — 0.87 g/cm cube;
  • Elm class — 10W40;
  • Lyal — 10.5 mg CON/g;
  • Flash (0C) — 230;
  • Viscosity rate (at t-30 0C) is less than 6600 mPa/s;
  • The knitted indicator (at t-40 0C) is 94 mm sq/s;
  • Colour — 3.0;

Positive properties, compliance certificates, manufacturer tolerances

LKV Leichlauf Motoroil’s Basik Likvi Moli for Trucks has the following distinctive points:

  1. It significantly reduces fuel consumption;
  2. Allows mixing with similar oils;
  3. Creates a reliable lubricating layer on the details;
  4. Excellent protects the motor from wear;
  5. The necessary safety checks have been passed for the DVS with turbines and catalysts;
  6. Effectively combats sediment;
  7. Provides a relaxed start of the power unit.

It has permits from manufacturers such as Mercedes, Volvo, Global, MAN, Mack, and is additionally recommended for Deutz, Cummins, MTU, Caterpillar.

Fully meets the requirements of ACEA E7/A3/B4, API SL/CI-4.

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