LUKOIL Lux 5W-30 engine oil reviews

Отзывы о Лукойл Люкс 5W-30

Here are the reviews of car owners about LUKOIL Lux 5W-30 engine oil. The information was selected on the real impressions of the drivers on the basis of surveys. If you would like to share your opinion about LUKOIL Lux 5W 30 lubricants, please send your feedback via the comment form and it will be published after moderation.

Отзывы о Лукойл Люкс 5W-30

Real car owners reviews of LUKOIL Lux oil 5W-30

Ivan, Lada Kalina

Hello dears! After buying a car, two weeks later, I decided to go to the car service to replace the oil and filters. The previous owner told me he was flooding the Shell. At first, I thought to use the same oil, but during operation the level regularly fell (checked once a week). I had to constantly top up.

On the advice of friends (had same problem) bought LUKOIL Lux 5W 30 synthetic (in the court of late autumn, oil change for the winter). I must say, the level even after 5000 km did not fall, the engine «whispers», and most importantly, price, to save face. While some advantages.

Alexander Zh., Lada Grant

For me, all that is positive in this oil is its price and availability. Among the shortcomings LUKOIL Suite 5w30 polysynthetic: often have to be replaced because after a 1000 miles starts to get dark, and you have to top up after 3000 km.

Eugene, Renault Logan

I use synthetic LUKOIL Lux 5w30 SL/CF, and I can say that the result is always different. For example, I have no claims to oil. But my environment is strongly against it: the oil darkens, the engine is noisy, the car in cold weather will not start. The condition of the machines and their motors are no checks and complain about the oil. That for me — a good product and the price and its properties.

Alexander, Mercedes E220

Drowning my only synthetics LUKOIL Lux 5w-30 and other recommend. I like everything: packaging, price, physical properties. The engine runs silently and the oil does not «eat» in the cold (-35) starts. In any store, at the gas station there is always (availability). In General the oil, how it should be.

Dan, KIA Ceed

I tried a lot of different oils, imported, expensive. In order to save money, I chose between two options: Rosneft and LUKOIL synthetics. Eventually settled on the latter and have no regrets. Price and quality are quite satisfied.

About the expensive oil I forgot. Honestly, no difference between that expensive, imported, LUKOIL. Why overpay and search, at least LUKOIL is always available.

Alexey, Lada Kalina Sport

I stopped at a LUKOIL Suite, and polysynthetic, viscosity 5в30. For me, this is an intermediate option between organic (mineral) and synthetics, respectively, and the price suits.

But I still believe that the choice of oil should be guided by the recommendations in the rules of operation of the car. If the parameters are suitable and affordable, feel free to fill. This oil is not worse and not better, in my opinion.

Denis, Reno

So I did not understand what is good in this oil. But we have learned one thing – counterfeit protection at LUKOIL dead, therefore, than the original buy impossible. Read a lot of good reviews, decided to try.

Summary: forever is intoxicated motor, darkens literally 1-2 thousand mileage. Wizard a hundred-person, which I recommended him and said I bought fakes from this and all problems. But in this case it turns out that the original in our city is not for sale.

Sergey, Lada Vesta

In my life there were mainly cars of the Russian automotive industry: sevens, nines, tens. Engines power, as you know, are not particularly different. When it was time to change the engine oil, the service I always recommended LUKOIL synthetics, explaining that for such engines imported is better not to use.

And since I’m not special, it followed the recommendations. And the fact that the engine is all right — it’s a fact. Gasoline consumption as in the passport, although the cars I had were not new, the level was kept normal, started without complaints, and most importantly pleased with the price of the goods.

When I bought a modern Lada Vesta, when choosing oil I had no difficulty, the more it is recommended by the manufacturer. In the end, some advantages.

Eugene, Ford Focus

Reading the reviews, I noted that often talk about counterfeiting oil. Well, first, forge not only LUKOIL, but also imported oils.

And secondly, if you watch your car, like me, and the oil for it will buy only recommended in the technical passport and normal specialty stores at a normal price, and not from a neighbor in the garage, who knows everything. I have been using LUKOIL Lux synthetics for years and I can say that it is a good engine oil.

Max, Ford

The choice was made on the recommendation of a friend, the engine significantly softened, starting in the cold is excellent, LUKOIL API SL/CF 5W 30 good oil, after replacing it, the machine began to run easier, and fuel costs were reduced.


LUKOIL is good only for its price. But that doesn’t excuse him at all. Because engine oil is not the janitor to change. One time you fill the wrong, then you’re in trouble. I had already tried many things before top Tak stopped at LIQUI Moli. It’s the only oil my BMW doesn’t eat that doesn’t darken in a couple thousand miles.

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