LUKOIL Lux 5W-40 oil reviews

Лукойл Люкс 5W-40, отзывы

Real reviews of LUKOIL Lux 5W-40 engine oil from owners of cars of different brands. If you have experience using KIX 5w40, both positive and negative, share it with others by sending feedback through the comment form. Immediately after moderation it will be published.

Лукойл Люкс 5W-40, отзывы

Owner reviews of LUKOIL Lux 5W-40 engine oil

Eugene, Opel Corsa

At the moment I use LUKOIL oil 5W-40 (synthetic). On the street negative temperature, winter is coming. To be honest, the oil bought on the principle that was advised in the store. The price suits how the engine works – too. Once a week I check the level, while everything is normal.

Alexander, Ford Focus 2

I’m a proponent of synthetic motor oil. I think that synthetics has a number of advantages in relation to semisynthetics. The most important thing is resistance to low temperatures (no wonder it is used in the far North).

As for the brand, it is important for me is the factor of availability: price and availability. That’s why I choose LUKOIL Lux oil. I like that.

Sergey, Lada Vesta

All good day! As a true patriot of my country, I have been driving Russian-made cars all my life. Therefore, the engine oil filled domestic.

My opinion is that it makes no sense to pay more for imported oil, our no whit worse. I use semisynthetics, LUKOIL Lux. In winter, the car starts, the level in the operation of the car is not reduced. The price of the product is satisfied.

Andreich, Skoda Fabia

Oil fill only imported. I tried it once LUKOIL to use synthetics, engine noise appeared. Went in service, reversed the. Things have changed for the better. In General, this oil is more casting will not.

Valentina, Daewoo Nexia

When choosing engine oil, I am guided solely by the reviews and recommendations of the car manufacturer. There is no other opinion for me. Therefore, if the passport oil is suitable, then buy it.

I prefer synthetics, as winters are cold, frequent temperature changes. And, as you know, synthetics does not lose its viscosity at low temperatures. Pouring LUKOIL Lux 5W-40. Good oil.

Sanek, Renault Logan

I have a used car, so I fill in the oil that the previous owner used — LUKOIL 5W 40. Ill say no, especially since the engine is not getting worse, runs smooth, no knocking.

Roman, Kalina

I read a lot of reviews about different brands of oils. Some people recommend synthetics, semi-synthetics other. I think that all these reviews are purely subjective opinions.

And in most cases, many writers do not even understand the essence of the issue, and advice is given as professionals. Each car has a maintenance manual, which clearly States what motor (or non-motor) oil can be used during operation.

All modern oils are made by the same technology, which means that their properties are the same.

For my engine, according to the passport, I choose LUKOIL semisynthetics, and the engine works fine, and its service life will be as much as the car manufacturer has installed.

Vladimir, Niva Chevrolet

Still, in our country have not yet learned to produce high-quality motor oil. Tried LUKOIL Suite 5w40, clattering lifters. Although the cost is not the lowest. Now in stores a huge selection of different oils, you can choose something better. Not recommend.

Victor Nikolaevich, Lada Largus

LUKOIL Lux SAE 5W-40 I really like. First, very convenient and informative packaging, and secondly, there is always available (at the gas station, in stores) and at affordable prices. I always use synthetic oil, as its physical properties are superior to semi-synthetic.

I live in a region where six months of winter, but in any frost (-35 C) the machine is always started (of course, without a good battery can not do). Why every time you change the oil to think what to buy. The choice is obvious to me.


For me, LUKOIL Suite 5W-40 is available at a cost, it is difficult to run into a fake, stable in the process, until the replacement. On the frenzy only goes a lot, but you can suffer this disadvantage, because again, the oil is inexpensive.

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