Mazda CX-5 vs Mitsubishi Outlander and Toyota RAV4

The new Mazda CX-5 recently appeared in the Ukrainian autos. So it begs a comparison with the partners-fellow – Mitsubishi Outlander Toyota RAV4 2.4 and 2.5. Moreover, they both occupy not the last place in the segment of D crossovers.

Mitsubishi Outlander

We can not say that the Japanese gave up on Mitsubishi Outlander hand. On the contrary, it is modernized almost every year, for which honor and praise them. In the struggle with overheating mounted radiator variator (and why it was removed?), then updated the appearance, then introduced an improved all-wheel drive transmission for versions with a V6 engine.

And this year came a rich performance with the Ultimate led foglights, all-sky cameras, monitoring systems of blind zones and interference detection when reversing and with a new multimediasystem Mitsubishi Connect.

Mitsubishi Outlander

The miracle did not happen. Outlander from the competition – how Achilles, who cannot catch up with the tortoise: those all the time be one step ahead. And now, despite the next update, inside the «out» clearly felt the taste of old-fashioned.

Dark black trim, simple faux leather, simple seats with a short range of adjustments. The new multimedia system liked the logical interface and fast responses, but was surprised by the lack of a Navigator.

The informant of the GPS coordinates is a poor consolation. The ears of the variator petals completely cover the icons on the paddle shifters, and the transmission selector is too low. And absolutely nowhere to attach a smartphone. For machine for 863 100 hryvnia a lot of flaws.

Partly Outlander rehabilitated on the go. In the city he captivates good visibility and well-coordinated Duo 167-horsepower engine and variator. But as soon as you go on the road, as the idyll evaporated, like the contents of a bottle of sake in a Japanese restaurant.

The motor squeals with active acceleration, and the road noise is too much. The shaking forces the suspension to drop the course even before the modest-looking pits.

There will be a roughness caliber more – followed by a painful blow, which responds not only to the seat, but also the steering wheel. Competitors do not allow themselves this.

Toyota RAV4

RAV4 has long been in the first lines of sales of crossovers. That’s what the power of the brand means – once earning a good name, Toyota does not part with it.

Toyota RAV4

But the salon leaves a mixed feeling. All-round cameras, automatic braking system in front of an obstacle, a platform with induction charging smartphones – it’s cool. But how to erode the spirit of the Treasury?

«KIRZ» plastic and primitive control lever cruise control, «strapped» to the steering wheel, evoke sadness. Surprise is not only the handle of the handbrake (competitors – key), but also its plastic finish.

But the visibility is beautiful, as well as the convenience of landing. Ergonomics of the first order does not cause problems: the main controls are located as it should and where it is necessary. But the secondary buttons-switches scattered at random and without any, at least understandable to us, logic.

Well why the button of inclusion of heating of a steering wheel – about the lock button of coupling, and keys of heating of seats – near management of modes of a variator?

Test drive Toyota RAV4

On the move, «ravlik» is good, and his Ukrainian nickname refutes. Up to a hundred accelerates in 9.4 seconds: a little slower than Mazda and a whole second faster than Mitsubishi. A great addition to the cheerful motor – six-speed automatic, which is always accurate and timely tucks the right gear.

Spur Toyota – a pleasure! And the handling is quite a gamble. If, of course, forgive mediocre feedback on the steering wheel.

During the last update RAV4 got softer springs and recalibrated shock absorbers, which may have increased the smoothness of the course, but very little. Shocks, pristukivanija– Toyota treats it all with an enthusiasm worthy of a better cause.

Especially goes to the rear passengers. The head restraints of the second row are shaking so that to catch them in focus is impossible! And yet the discomfort of Outlander is not here. First, the steering wheel is not torn from the hands. Second, the shaking manifested at a higher speed compared to the Mitsubishi.

Mazda CX-5

The new Mazda CX-5 look absolutely recognizable. Contours, dimensions – all like its predecessor. But there was finesse in the details. Radiator grille instead of banal strips decorated with small impellers, attract attention and fog lights the size of a dime.

Mazda CX-5

Salon – a good step towards the premium. Against the backdrop of Japanese classmates – the boutique hotel vs the typical «three stars». Everywhere sturdy soft plastic; glove box and the box in the armrest is covered with soft cloth, audio system with Bose surround sound system produces crystal clear sound.

According to feedback and tactile sensations it is almost BMW or Audi. I especially liked the climate control and infotainment system washers with a notch.

The multimedia interface is probably the best among its kind: everything is very clear and understandable. It is a pity that the screen at the present time is small (you have to look at the navigation map), and still strains too long – five seconds – loading the list of radio stations.

CX-5 has made serious progress in electronics. There was a projection of devices on the windshield (the quality and informativeness of the picture is not worse than in the above-mentioned BMW and Audi), the function of monitoring blind spots and even a system of holding in the lane, which none of today’s rivals does not offer.

What Mazda could not beat them, so it’s the seats: they are the most common, without UPS and downs.

Mazda CX-5 review

At idle, the engine is completely audible, and on the move he is silent. But pulls like a beast! The slightest impulse of the accelerator, and the car rushes forward. And no matter what mark the moment the speedometer – «20» or «120».

Machine-stitch understands everything perfectly, with poludvizheniya. When necessary, takes off in one fell swoop three transfers when the no – holds small revs and saves fuel.

The main revelation – amazing smoothness of the course, than the car of the previous generation could not brag in any way. On the broken asphalt CX-5 rolls like a velvet track – in this class such serenity I have never met. Suspension easily swallows of different-sized holes that let you know about them is that microderma on the steering wheel.

At the same time, the engineers managed to maintain easy, air handling. How effortlessly Mazda is screwed into the variegated turns, how tightly it holds on to the trajectory, how accurate and responsive its steering wheel!

Great chassis! Such love of life and ease of being in this segment can only demonstrate that Volkswagen Tiguan. Which, by the way, in a rich configuration and with a comparable engine power will be two hundred thousand-three hundred more expensive.

Even before scoring it was obvious that the victory for Mazda. Especially the RAV4 and Outlander are already not give the impression of strong players. And this «point» problem can not be solved – only by a change of generations. Fortunately «changers» on the way. But instead of Mazda like this that she for a long time nobody threatened.


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