MIT Mitasu Ultra Diesel CJ-4 / SM 5W-40

Mitasu Ultra Diesel CJ-4/SM 5W-40, отзывы

The section presents the reviews of car owners of different brands of Japanese synthetic motor oil Mitasu Ultra Diesel CJ-4/SM 5W-40. If you have experience using Mitasu oil Ultra Diesel 5W40 for diesel engines, share it with others by sending feedback through the comment form. Immediately after moderation it will be published.

Mitasu Ultra Diesel CJ-4/SM 5W-40, отзывы

MIT Mitasu Ultra Diesel CJ-4/SM 5W-40

Michael, Opel Astra OPC

I decided to try Mitasu Ultra Diesel CJ-4/SM 5W-40. I did not find suitable reviews on the Internet, fully describing the oil, and decided to try it myself. I bought, poured into the tank and immediately noticed changes in the car: the motor began to work quieter, vibration and noise were almost invisible.

When it came time, leaked the oil to change. It was much cleaner than the previous ones, there was no unpleasant smell. Was very pleased.

Ivan, Mitsubishi

Recently, I often hear from people and from advertising about diesel oil Mitasu 5W 40, decided to buy, try on your Chinese. When using made for themselves conclusions that this is the best engine oil in Japan.

I also want to note that it is sold in an iron Bank. For me personally, this is the most convenient option when using. The engine is good, though not perfect, but no noise, not much vibration. Yes, the price is high, but it’s worth it.

Cyril, Hundai

Unfortunately, my experience with synthetic oil Mitasu Ultra Diesel 5W40 was not as successful as we would like. Following the advice of a friend, I decided to test his work on his car.

After I flooded it and drove 3000 km, the car started to smell burnt, I think it was because of him. Spoiled oil sensor, and had to give the car for repair.

Please note that the price of this synthetic is quite expensive, relative to other, also no less known analogues.

Judging by the fact that many describe this oil as the best of those that they came across, I suspect that I could get a fake, however, I know many people who are just as unlucky as me.

I don’t want to risk it anymore. I expected something more, but, unfortunately, was dissatisfied. I do not think it is reasonable to overpay for a product that is not of high quality.

Daniel, Mitsubishi Delica

In my opinion, mitasu Ultra Diesel CJ-4/SM 5W-40 engine oil for diesel engines is a great combination of quality and price. My motor works fine on it, and I don’t care where it’s made. After driving 1000 km, I immediately felt the change.

The motor began to work better, pedals are pressed accurately, even the shelf of the moment became more equal. I use it for a long time, and never ran into any fakes. In General, I recommend this oil to everyone.


After repairing the car decided to pamper him with a new lubricant. Mitasu Ultra Diesel I have long been on hearing, well, in the end, after consulting with friends and carefully flipping through the Internet, I thought that this is a very high quality oil. Plus, its price makes you think so.

But alas, it disappointed me, I expected more. The motor began to make a lot of noise and vibrate, the recoil from the pedals slowed. After it I decided not to experiment any more and I can’t tell that I would recommend it to someone. I’ll go back to the Motel.


In General synthetics for diesels Mitasu Ultra Diesel CJ-4/SM 5W-40 I was satisfied. I would not say that it is the best in the world of those that I came across, but the motor works properly, not much noise.

My income allows you to systematically buy it, I think that something else will not have to go.


After using this oil was not satisfied with the result. I’d rather use my old butter. Mitasu Ultra Diesel 5W-40 badly affects the engine, because of him he began to make strange sounds, although the car is new.

I do not wish to contact anyone with this product, which is produced either in Japan or in Singapore.

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