Mitasu Platinum PRO SN 5W-30 oil reviews

Here you can read real reviews about synthetic motor oil Mitasu Platinum PAO SN 5W-30 from owners of cars of different brands. If you have experience of using synthetic oil Mitasu platinum PAO SN 5W-30, share it with others by sending a review via the comment form. Immediately after moderation it will be published.
Отзывы Mitasu Platinum PAO SN 5W-30


Real mitasu Platinum PAO SN 5W-30 engine oil reviews

Alexander Gennadievich, Opel Astra

Choosing a replacement engine oil, opted for Mitasu Platinum PAO SN 5W-30. Unfortunately, I did not find any competent and useful reviews, so I was guided by the advice of friends and acquaintances. Also, it inspires confidence that the product is made in Japan. During operation, I noticed that the engine began to work silently and smoothly.

Andrew, Mitsubishi

Synthetics Mitasu has acquired exclusively from-for his popularity among my environment. Feedback from them only positive. The manufacturer claims that this is pure Japanese oil.

To tell you the truth, it seemed to me that the engine, as if it became easier to work, and most importantly — the oil level is kept. The overall impression of this product was positive.

Michael, Honda

Nothing special in this oil not found. I expected much more, according to the reviews. Drove after replacing about 3500 km, and found that the oil level has decreased significantly (oil burns). Made topping.

I Want to add that there seems to be nothing wrong with this, but since this oil is not the cheapest product, such refills significantly hit the pocket. In addition, there was a need to replace the main gland, and this again financial costs.

in Short, I made a survey among my friends, those who either used Mitasu Platinum PAO SN 5W-30 100% Synthetic, or uses now, and concluded that most friends somehow got out the same problems.

I won’t say, but maybe I ran into a fake. In any case, the impression of using were not the most positive. 

Oleg, VAZ 2114

Reading the reviews, I thought, what is the difference in General: fake or not fake. If the engine, after applying the oil works like a clock, then there is only a question of price and availability on sale. Personally, I have no claims to Mitasu platinum no.

Sanya, Mark 2

I Use this oil for a long time, even before the General advertising, and I can honestly say that the oil is good, no complaints when working with the engine did not arise. Start the car in any weather, even after a long downtime.

Read that some complain about the price. I can answer that there are oils of much worse quality, but with an even higher price. Recommend.

Arthur, Honda Accord

From the variety of oils, I chose Mitasu. I like the fact that this oil, in its physical properties, fits the engine of my car. I live in a region where the winter temperature often falls below -30C.

the Engine starts in any weather and is very quiet. Never noticed, with a large mileage (3000 km), a significant decrease in the oil level, respectively, there was no need for refilling.

Price factor, is over a bit expensive, for me. But, above the cost, the desire to protect the engine as much as possible at low temperatures prevails. I noticed that some reviews mention possible mitasu fakes.

of course, I do not know whether oil that I bought a fake or not, just the motor, as they say «whispers», that in fact what’s the difference. 

Anton, Hyundai Solaris

Beautiful oil. Availability and price, all normal. The characteristics of the oil allow it to be used in regions with a cold climate and sharp temperature changes. Quiet operation and guaranteed protection of the engine, makes this oil, for me, indispensable.

Roll over 10,000 km to replace, and the level is in place, and the engine is stable. As for starting the engine, I can say that problems with this have never arisen.

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