Mobil 1 0W-20 oil reviews

Mobil 1 0W-20, отзывы

Here you can read real reviews about American motor oil Mobil 1 0W-20 from owners of cars of different brands. If you have experience using mobile 1 0V-20, share it with the rest by sending feedback through the comment form. Immediately after moderation it will be published.

Mobil 1 0W-20, отзывы

Owner reviews of Mobil 1 0W-20 engine oil

Vladimir, Toyota Ipsum

For many years I live in Siberia. And here bothered to buy a Toyota 2003 release. It was necessary to replace the engine oil in the engine. But previously I had to read a lot of reviews, and even climbed on different forums, I thought it would help. Then I decided to go to the shops, and they offer the same thing.

Here in networks stumble on recommendation on synthetics MOBIL 1 0W-20. Decided to try. From the first days the engine stopped making noise. And his work has changed markedly, now works as clock.

So I traveled for a long time. As a result, it’s time to replace. Checked for transparency, it turned out that the used engine oil was not much darker.

Alexander, Mitsubishi Lancer

When it came time to replace the engine oil, I opted for Mobil 1 0W-20, guided by the reviews and advice of friends who claim that for Japanese cars, it is almost the best oil.

In truth, I have never regretted it. First, Mobil1 works well, allowing you to drive to replace the order of 10,000 km (if in mixed mode in the city). If we take into account long-distance travel, and even more.

During operation, the motor runs silently and starts without problems. The downside, for me, is its high price. Also, it happens that the oil is not in stores.

Catherine, Toyota Yaris

After buying a car (used) friends told me that it would be better to immediately change all the fluids in the car, and most importantly — engine oil. Which I did, and again, on the advice of friends, decided to buy synthetic oil Mobil1 0W-20.

Since all these replacements, viscosities, physical characteristics for me — a dark forest, the review of it I heard from the mechanic, serving my car. From the previous oil the engine was dirty, the engine was very noisy and uneven.

After washing and pouring new oil, the difference is obvious: quiet and smooth operation of the engine, no constant refilling during the drive. As for the price, it is a little high, but the car I need every day, so I prefer to fill only high-quality and already proven Mobil1.

Roman, Kia Ceed

Nothing special in the oil is not found, but high prices and lack of the stores. With the same success I poured a cheaper brand of another manufacturer. The result is exactly the same.

At low temperatures, the engine starts normally, does not twitch, does not make noise. I believe that the superiority of Mobil 1 0W 20 is greatly exaggerated and inflated by advertising.

Edward, Renault Megane

This oil I chose because its properties work at low temperatures, very suitable for the region in which I live. We have a very cold winter (up to-40S) and no less cold autumn.

You have to drive a car every day and for a long time (long-distance trips and around the city). When switching to Mobil1 0W20, in comparison with the previous one, I noticed positive moments.

Namely: run in the cold — no complaints, quiet — excellent. To replace the run from 8000-10000 km. So I think the reviews, which refers to the high cost, unreasonable (enough for almost a year of travel by car, and in hard mode).

Roman, Hyundai Solaris

As for the engine oil, here, I think, it is not an option to save, because the engine is the heart of the machine and the use of high-quality composition is guaranteed to extend its service life.

Therefore, in my opinion, it must necessarily be synthetic, to ensure the purity of the engine, reduce the degree of wear of the engine parts. Mobile 1 0W20 meets all these requirements. That’s why I use it.

Kirill, Honda Accord

Mobil 1 0W-20 is a real quality oil that is recommended for Japanese cars. Since I have this car, for me the choice was obvious motorboat, plus of course beautiful ads on TV.

The price is reasonable, the stores are available, in the end we live in the era of the Internet, you can order anything and at an affordable price. But the motor under reliable protection.

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