MoS2 15W40 Liqui Moly Engine Oil

From its fellow with viscosity 10W40, this specimen differs, first of all, by its formula — it is based solely on the mineral base. Motor oil MoS2 15W40 Liqui Moly belongs to the class of all-season, is made from high-quality mineral oils with a set of special additives, among which, as well as a polysynthetic sample, there is molybdenum disulfide. This powerful formula provides great lubricant to engine parts in a wide range of revs, while providing longer time between lubricant replacements.

MoS2 15W40 from Liqui Moly, review

MoS2 15W40 from Liqui Moly

Physical characteristics, certificates of compliance and application

The Liqui Moly MoS2 15W40 engine oil can be used for vehicles with powertrains powered by diesel or gasoline, and has compatibility with models equipped with turbines and intercoolers. During the development, the manufacturer provided the use of this oil for engines operating in difficult conditions, at high workloads. The mineral molybdenum composition is designed to work for a long period until the next replacement, but provided that it is approved by the manufacturer of a particular car.

The common properties look like this:

  • Color — black and gray;
  • Viscosity (40 0C) — 110 mm sq/s;
  • Elm index — 135;
  • Flash (0C) — 220;
  • Elm class — 15W40;
  • Density (15 0C) — 0.855 g/cm cube;
  • Viscosity rate (100 0C) — 14.5 mm sq/s;
  • Loss on evaporation (%) — 8.2;
  • Freezing temperature (0C): -30.

Meets all the requirements of such certificates as: ACEA A3-04/B4-04 and API SL/CF;

Product properties

Liqui Moli’s mineral molybdenum oil is characterized by many positive qualities:

  • Suitable for motors equipped with catalysts. The necessary tests were carried out;
  • Due to the presence of molybdenum disulfide, excellent protection of DVS from wear;
  • It is characterized by versatility, which allows you to pour it into both gasoline and diesel engines;
  • Suitable for turbocharged versions of engines;
  • Effectively combats sediments on the details;
  • A good «winter» start, oil is quickly fed to the details that require lubrication.

This version of liqui Moly molybdenum lubricants will be interesting for car owners who would like to provide the engine of their vehicle with excellent protection, but at the same time save some money, because the mineral is considered the instance has a lower price against its semi-synthetic counterpart.

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