Liqui Moly Special Tec Engine Oil

Another line from Liqui Moli, namely the liqui Moly Special Tec engine oil is an assortment of lubricants designed for vehicles with special requirements for auto oils.

The growth of requirements is due to the movement of technological progress forward, the engines of modern cars have acquired significant changes and continue to develop rapidly, their features can be attributed: long intervals between oil replacements, control terms of TO electronic devices and so on.

General overview of the Special Tec oil line by Liqui Moly

Liqui Moly Special Tec Engine Oil

In this regard, the company took care of this by releasing two lines of special oils:

  1. Top Tec;
  2. Special Tec;

If the first one has already been covered in sufficient detail, it will be interesting to talk about the second one. In general, the company's products allow in 99% of cases to pick up what is needed for a particular vehicle, and special oils of these two later - the best choice for drivers who prefer to serve cars at official dealers, requiring strict implementation of what the automaker claims.

So, Special Tec is a series of lubricants that have no environmental limitations. Created with the expectation of cars related to the European (GM, VW, Ford, Volvo) and Asian auto markets (AA series). In addition, they have new certificates of compliance ACEA, API, ILSAC.

The lubricants with ECOF indices (developed for THE ECOBoost and F) and F indices for earlier-year-old cars are designed specifically for Ford cars.

When you meet the letter LL in the name, it is clear that these oils are intended for the Korean and European auto industry, especially for Opel supage until 2010 and earlier models without soot filters. They still have tolerances from VW, Mercedes, BMW, and perfectly clean the engines from the heat at the expense of a considerable alkaline number. Good for Russian climatic and road conditions.

Special Tec V has been developed for long interservice intervals and is suitable for Jaguar, LandRover and Volvo brands. All products are delivered in canisters of different litres, and the indices on their labels will easily pick up the necessary lubricant.


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