LKW-Langzeit-Motoroil Basic Liqui Moly

Another product not for passenger cars is lKW-Langzeit-Motoroil Basic Liqui Moly, designed not only for trucks, but also for buses and various construction equipment.

LKW-Langzeit-Motoroil Basic Review by Liqui Moly

It has a classic viscous class (10W40) and, like many other Liqu iMoly products, provides for long-term operation, reduces fuel consumption. It belongs to the pure syntheticclass and allows you to apply it at any time of the year.

LKW-Langzeit-Motoroil Basic Liqui Moly

Specifications, feature of application

Synthetic oil was created for diesel powertrains, experiencing high levels of loads during their work. It can be used for both atmospheric motors and engines with turbocharged systems and intercoolers. The oil manufacturer guarantees its performance for a long period of time, but this must be approved by the manufacturer of a particular vehicle.

From the point of view of physical and chemical definitions, such figures can be given:

  • Color number - 2.5;
  • Ignition at (0C) - 232;
  • Viscous (100 0C) - 14.5 mm sq/s;
  • Density (15 0C) - 0.875 g/cm cube;
  • Freezing at (0C): -30;
  • Elm index - 155;
  • Viscosity (40 0C) - 97 mm sq/s;
  • Elm class - 10W40;

Properties, automakers' tolerances, compliance certificates

LKW-Langzeit-Motoroil Basic Liqui Moli is characterized by the following positive properties:

  1. Excellent cleans the engine of unwanted products of its work;
  2. Struggles with polishing cylinders;
  3. It can be used in a variety of temperature conditions;
  4. Eliminates sediments in the turbocharger system and in the intercooler;
  5. It has good resistance to aging and shift;
  6. Allows mixing with similar types of oils;
  7. Provides a soft start of the motor in the cold period;
  8. Perfectly protects the DVS from wear and tear, creating a reliable oil film on the surfaces of working parts;

The oil has permits from Deutz, Scania, MAN, Renault, Volvo, Mercedes, as well as the manufacturer states that it is permissible to use Liqui Moli LKV LKV Motor Oil Base for Cummins, MTU, DAF, Caterpillars, Mack. The lubricating product fully complies with the terms of the ACEA E7-08/E4-08 certificates, as well as the CI-4 API.


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