Nord antifreeze overview

Antifreeze Nord – products of Russian enterprises «Himavto». Low-freezing liquid of this manufacturer has an affordable price and high performance, not inferior to known foreign analogues.

Antifreeze Nord

Purpose and properties of coolant

The antifreeze or coolant is referred to as alcohol-containing solutions, the crystallization temperature below the freezing point of water. Car ice-free substance consist of glycolic compounds, mix of additives and water. Additives contain anticorrosive, anti-foaming and sometimes fluorescent components in their structure.

Coolant is designed to maintain the thermal balance of the engine at low or high temperatures, as well as to protect the cooling jacket from damage in winter.

Only high-quality antifreezes have such properties. One of the representatives of this segment is the coolant «Nord», which has the following specifications:

  • Protects engine parts from aggressive effects of low and high temperatures, cavitation and chemical corrosion.
  • Prevents the formation of steam plugs in the cooling system channels.
  • interacts Well with rubber seals and polymer elements of the motor.
  • increases the service life of the water pump, radiator and other liquid-washed parts By 10-20%.
  • Has a high thermal conductivity, which ensures rapid heating of the engine in winter.
  • Provides easy leak detection due to the presence of fluorescent substances in the solution.
  • Has a long service interval.

Types of Nord refrigerants, differences

All types of cooling liquids «Himavto» are made on the basis of diatomic alcohol with addition of inorganic and organic modifiers. Some differences are only in the percentage of chemically active additives.

Antifreeze Nord characteristics

For easy recognition solutions are painted in different colors:

  • red;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • yellow.

The color of the antifreeze is not a criterion for the choice of liquid only for certain brands of cars. It serves to reflect some features of mixtures exclusively within the boundaries of the Nord segment.

Green antifreeze Nord

Green liquid is allowed for use on all brands of modern cars of domestic and import production. According to the international classification of solutions belong to the class G11, which in its composition contains inorganic complex additives.

Antifreeze Nord green

Green Nord has anti-foaming, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidant properties. The service life is 60,000 km.

Main characteristic:

  1. Maintains standard properties over a wide temperature range (-38 to + 120°C).
  2. Protects the cooling jacket from alkaline and acid deposits.
  3. Forms a strong protective film over the entire inner surface of the cooling system.

Red Nord

The red color corresponds to the grade antifreeze G12. This type of coolant is made on the basis of ethylene glycol alcohol and a package of organic carboxylate additives. The structure of the solution is well suited for cooling systems, where engine parts and radiator are made of aluminum alloys.

Antifreeze Nord red

It has excellent anti-corrosion properties. Unlike mixtures of green, red coolant does not cover the entire inner surface of the system with a continuous film, but acts on the affected area, and only in case of a defect.

Blue cooler

Blue solution is a universal premium liquid. It belongs to the group of antifreezes G12. It differs from the previous composition by a more advanced package of modifying additives.

Antifreeze Nord blue

It has high anti-corrosive and anti-corrosive properties. Recommended for use in vehicles operating in particularly extreme conditions. According to the classification, Volkswagen belongs to the ASTM D6210 standard.

Yellow Nord

Yellow antifreeze was developed for severe climatic conditions. It has stable characteristics even when operating cars in regions with a sharp change of climate. The service interval is 5 years or more.

Antifreeze Nord yellow

In the yellow liquid, fluorescent chemical reagents are introduced, which in the case of depressurization of compounds are painted in bright color the place of leakage of mixtures.

Nord Compatibility with other low-freezing compounds

Nord antifreeze may be mixed with products of other manufacturers only in case of maximum coincidence of the chemical composition of the modifying additives. This category includes cooling liquids made by the following technologies:

  • carboxylate (G12);
  • hybrid (G12+);
  • lobrid (G13).

Low freezing liquid with the package of inorganic additives (G11) to mix with solutions in which the presence of additives based on carboxylic acids is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with these conditions will lead to precipitation, turbidity and breakage of the working parts of the cooling system.

How to avoid counterfeiting

Coolant Nord are frequently counterfeited goods. However, no one is immune from such troubles. Therefore, when choosing and buying a liquid, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

On the back side of the package should be the following symbols:

  1. company Logo.
  2. Barcode.
  3. Contact details of the manufacturer, including technical support phones.

The color of the package must match the color of the filled liquid.

For packaging of goods used cans of original design with an increased level of protection. Handles containers have a beveled shape and a rough surface. On the side of the container is equipped with a transparent measuring scale for accurate liquid dosage.

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