Oil Special Tec LL

Special Tec LL Liqui Moly is a state-of-the-art product that effectively reduces the friction of the working parts of the DVS. Unconventional HC-base oils are taken for the base, with the addition of specialized additives. Due to a well-thought-out formula provides good fuel economy while increasing the life of the engine, the oil is characterized by the ability to clean the internal parts from the heat, reduced viscosity, shift stability, durability.

Special Tec LL Liqui Moly Motor Oil Review

Oil Special Tec LL Liqui Moly

The Special Tec LL Liqui Moly motor oil has passed the necessary safety tests for turbines and catalysts. Developed purposefully for Opel cars produced before 2010, equipped with diesel and gasoline powertrains, in addition, has compatibility with earlier models, for which this viscous class is allowed.

Properties, tolerances, certificates of compliance

The lubricants under consideration have such distinctive features as:

  • Cleaning up the DVS;
  • Shift stability;
  • Low evaporation;
  • Compatibility with motors equipped with catalysts and turbines;
  • Fast delivery of lubricant to working parts;
  • The highest lubricant and protection from wear;
  • Excellent resistance to high-temperature effects;
  • Reducing emissions and fuel efficiency;

Special Tec LL has permits from Mercedes, BMV, Volkswagen, corresponding to API SL/CF certificates, ACEA A3-04/B4-04. In addition, the manufacturer recommends the use of this oil for GM LL A025/B025 Opels.

Physics and chemical properties and application

The lubricant has such characteristics:

  • Density (15 0C) — 0.855 g/cm cube;
  • Viscosity (100 0C) — 11.5 mm sq/s;
  • Ignition (0C) — 230;
  • Ash — 1.15 g/100 g;
  • Losses on evaporation (%)-13;
  • Elm class — 5W30;
  • Viscosity (40 0C) — 66.4 mm sq/s;
  • Elm index — 169;
  • Freezing temperature (0C) — -39;
  • Lyal — 10.5 mg CON/g;
  • HTHS — more than 3.5 mPas;

The use of this oil includes gasoline and diesel engines, modern level, Opel cars produced before 2010. Before buying lubricants should carefully familiarize yourself with the requirements of the automaker. Thanks to the tolerances, the use of Special Tec LL Liqui Moly will not have a negative impact on the car warranty.

User experience

Based on consumer feedback, there is a low consumption of material (about 150 grams per 5,000. km), at the same time, in the future it has decreased to the full stability of the level on the probe, as opposed to the previously used oils, and the price is at a fairly democratic level.

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