Optimal Diesel Liqui Moly engine oil

optimal Diesel Engine oil belongs to the all-season and has the property of lightness. It is produced with the use of synthesizing technologies and modern formulas, which allows it to meet the requirements for lubricants intended for engines running on diesel fuel.

Optimal Diesel Liqui Moly engine oil

Optimal Diesel Liqui Moly engine oil

Thanks to a mixture of special base oils and a set of necessary additives, the working elements and surfaces of the engine are protected from the formation of soot, dirt and other work products.

Oil optimal Diesel LIQUI Moli can be recommended for vehicles with diesel engines operating at high rpm with or without forced air injection systems.

Properties of Optimal Diesel Liqui Moly

Motor oil is made on a semi-synthetic basis, has properties that can ensure good safety of the engine. Wear protection and pressure stability in the oil system is ensured by the additive package.

The formula is designed specifically for diesel engines without particulate filters, suitable for ice with exhaust gas recirculation (ERG). Its ability to maintain its performance over a long period of time ensures high intervals between oil changes.

It promotes a confident start even at temperatures below -25 degrees Celsius, and also protects the motor from overheating during prolonged operation at high speeds.

auto oil Optimal Diesel Liqui Moly characteristics

Technical specifications

Meets the requirements of APICF, ACEAB3/B4 certificates, has the following characteristics:

  • Color number – 4.0.
  • density Index (at 15 deg. Celsius) – 0.86 g/cm cube.
  • Viscosity index – 154.
  • Flammability Temperature – 235 deg.
  • Viscosity index at 100 Celsius – 14.3 mm sq/s.
  • Viscosity index at t 40 – 96.5 mm q / s
  • Freezing – from -33.

The oil is adapted for the Russian Federation, and is suitable for engines of previous generations.

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