Overview antifreeze Coolstream

антифриз Кулстрим (Coolstream)

To avoid problems in the performance of the cooling system of the car, you should use high-quality refrigerant compositions. So the unit will work in the optimal mode. Consider the antifreeze Colstrip that it represents, the range of types.

Basic parameters

antifreeze Colstrip (Coolstream)

CoolStream coolers are a modern development of refrigerants based on ethylene glycol. It is produced using organic carboxylate compounds, which fully complies with international quality standards. CoolStream technical liquids are used by foreign automakers (Ford, Chevrolet) and domestic enterprises (AVTOVAZ).

The manufacturer claims that the manufacture of compositions Colstrip does not use any unnecessary and harmful compounds – nitrates, phosphates, borates. Antifreezes Coolstream have the versatility and combine perfectly as with gasoline engines, and diesel engines.

Among the features can be distinguished:

  • Reliability of use. The functionality of the cooling system will be optimal and you can not be afraid for the aluminum surface under high temperatures.
  • Increases the service life of the water pump.
  • Prevents the formation of unwanted processes in the nodes of the system – reliable protection against cavitation and condensation.
  • the Cooler is neutral to the polymer components of the system.

The advantages of CoolStream are impressive, but there are some imperfections that have been identified during laboratory testing:

  • Coolstream Premium red is not compatible with other refrigerants. The incompatibility is complete.
  • a Lot of falsification. You should carefully examine the packaging for defects and counterfeit signs before purchasing the goods.
  • High cost.


An interesting fact is that different types of consumables have a common basis, namely:

  1. Simple diatomic alcohol (ethylene glycol). This component plays an important role in the creation of consumables for the machine.
  2. Complex of specially developed additives. Under additives various additives which can give to a solution various properties, for example, interfere with corrosion, oxidizing processes, and also act as a defoamer hide.
  3. Coloring component. The color of the technical composition depends on the introduction of the element.
  4. Purified water. Water mass is necessary to dilute the concentrate.

Tap water is not recommended, it is necessary to stock up on deionized or distilled.

Product range Coolstream

Optima 40

Under this consumable hides a common type of antifreeze, created on the basis of monoethylene glycol. This cooler has a red color and is made with the introduction of organic acids. The main feature is the replacement period during the operation of the car – 75 thousand km. Technical cooling solution is perfectly combined with vehicles of foreign and domestic production.

It is worth noting that this variation of antifreeze Optima 40 is very accessible to the average user and is the most budget-friendly version of a series of antifreezes Coolstream. According to experts, the refrigerant is recommended for use in economy class cars, such as the VAZ family of auto companies, with the required replacement range of 40 thousand km of travel.

Standart 40

Can be used in cars of foreign (Kia) and domestic production (GAS, VAZ). But the cooler manufacturer strongly recommends the use of cooler in heavier machinery.

Technical mix Standart 40 is made taking into account the special technology Havoline XSC, created by European scientists. In the structure of the cooling mixture there are no compounds of phosphates, silicates, which in turn increases resistance to corrosion processes. It is important that in some models of vehicles Coolstream Standart 40 is allowed to be mixed with other coolers (the main thing is that the composition is identical).

NRC 40

This process fluid is made from concentrate. It is recommended for use in Renault and Nissan machines. It is worth noting that the NRC 40 is refueled in the entire range of AVTOVAZ, which provides for the use of power units from Renault. It has a yellow tint and can be operated without replacement throughout the life of the engine.

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