Overview of antifreeze LUKOIL G12

Антифриз Лукойл G12

there are plenty of well-Known low-freezing internal combustion engine coolers on the market. Among them there are imported and domestic refrigerants. A prominent representative of the Russian market for the production of antifreezes is the world-famous company LUKOIL.

Antifreeze LUKOIL G12

The company’s products are primarily aimed at the domestic market. LUKOIL antifreeze has the main advantage over competitors – its freezing threshold is 40 degrees below zero, which is important for most regions of Russia.

Description of antifreeze LUKOIL G12

The range of coolers series G12 from LUKOIL includes only two types – yellow and red antifreeze. Both of them are developed by carboxylate technology, from high-quality basic raw materials (diatomic alcohol) with a set of balanced additives.

Antifreezes LUKOIL G12 do not contain undesirable compounds in the form of borates, silicates, phosphates, nitrites, amines.

The principle of operation of the carboxylate mixture is that the technical solution is able to determine the vulnerabilities of the engine and creates a reliable shell at this place, protecting against oxidative effects. This ability has both yellow and red antifreeze. They also prevent the development of cavitation.

Coolers G12 does not affect the polymer and rubber seals, that is absolutely neutral to them. They protect the power unit of the car from the appearance of scale and overheating. The service life is 5 years.

They can be mixed only with liquids produced by carboxylate technology, preferably with analogues from LUKOIL. If liquid mixing different manufacturers with different properties, it is possible to lose all the beneficial characteristics of the coolants.


The company in this series does not produce concentrated solutions, all mixtures are ready for use from the moment of purchase.

For the convenience of logistics coolers have an identification number. With this number, the consumer can easily find the coolant on the Internet. The articles of the compositions are as follows:

Volume, lRed G12Yellow G12

Technical specifications

In General, the characteristics of both antifreezes are the same, they differ only in color. This is done in order to determine the location of leaks in the engine and distinguish them from water. Color does not define parameters.

ExponentRed G12 and Yellow G12
Density under standard conditions, kg/m31073
boiling Point,111
Alkaline number, ml6.4
Hydrogen value at room temperature (pH)8.5


LUKOIL antifreezes are used in closed-loop engines for passenger and freight transport. Have the recommendations of the automaker KAMAZ.

Meet the requirements:

  • SAE J 1034;
  • ASTM D3306 / D 4656 / D 4985;
  • GOST 28084-89;
  • MAN 324-SNF.

Manufactured in accordance with the norm a HUNDRED 79345251-008-2008.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the preferred indicators manufacturer highlights several characteristics:

  • Low pour point;
  • Antifreeze prevents rusting of metal surfaces;
  • Reliable protection of the motor against overheating;
  • Good anti-cavitation parameters of technical composition;
  • the Mixture is suitable for use with various metals, aluminum is among them;
  • does Not interact with seals and seals of the motor system.

If the driver uses antifreeze in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, there should be no problems with the operation of the composition.

How to distinguish a fake G12

Before purchasing the car owner must carefully examine the packaging with the contents for defects, that is, signs of adulteration. The main differences of the original:

  • cap Color of the packaging corresponds to the shade of a consumable liquid;
  • the Back label consists of two layers, the obligatory instruction not less than in three languages, Russian – necessarily;
  • On the canister there is a measuring stick for the convenience of filling the lubricant;
  • the company Logo is engraved on the product cover.

It is necessary to buy expendables only in large shops, at LUKOIL gas stations and in official representations. Do not trust the sellers on the street, because to buy low-quality goods is easy, and the problems that creates such a composition, it is not easy to get rid of.


Antifreeze should be stored in a place protected from direct sunlight and precipitation, for example, under sheds, in warehouses. The manufacturer does not advise to keep LUKOIL antifreeze in galvanized packaging.

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