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The section presents reviews of car owners of different brands of Mannol engine oil. Information collected on the real experiences of motorists based on surveys. If you have experience using Mannol, share it with others by sending feedback through the comment form. Immediately after moderation it will be published.

Engine oil reviews Mannol (Mannol)

Real Mannol oil reviews

Dmitry, VAZ 2107

Bought the car a few years ago, becoming the second owner. At that time the total mileage of swallows was 17 thousand km, and was Not interested in the first owner, that he poured into the engine.

Changed directly to Mannol Elite, after a while changed to molybdenum modification of motor oil of the same brand. Not disappointed in his choice. Every year I open the valve cover to adjust the mechanism.

the Engine is absolutely clean and looks decent. I use the car in any weather, in heat, snow, rain. During this time, the engine fluid has never failed.

Mannol cost favorably with competitors, so I see no reason to buy expensive oil. That’s enough.

Denis VAZ 21214М

Mannol I use from 30 thousand km. At the moment I wound more than 70 thousand moves. With the purchase of cars Lil Liqui Moly, but then stopped, as it became too expensive for me. Came across Manna. Tried it, liked it.

I Fill 40 thousand km of Mannol Extreme with a viscosity of 5W40. Why the choice fell on this modification? The fact that the machine use every day in different modes. Sometimes 2 hours in traffic jam downtime, and then off-road to the desired destination.

So the choice was made. Replacement interval 5 thousand, I think it is the best option. Sometimes I open the valve cover to check the chain tension. The system is clean, without flaws. «Field» starts freely, not puffing and without unnecessary noise.

minus 31 degrees wound up safely, and I am very pleased. The quality no complaints on my part, automotive oil Mannol very happy.

Sergey, Audi Allroad

In German flood Mandal for three years. I use all-season 5W40. The oil is not topped up enough from replacement to replacement. The engine feels good.

In minus 25 mark without problems. Early was Logan 2010, poured too Manny. I exploited 4 years — there were no problems with oil.

Maxim, Audi 100

Took the car on a run of 280000 kilometers. The former owner gave me along with the car oil Mannol Molibden Benzin 10W40, saying parting words that fills only him.

I did not use them, but believing in the word the former owner started to buy it and pour. Changed the oil often, almost monthly, as daily rolled up to 400 km.

Therefore, the choice fell on Mannol, as required inexpensive, but at the same time worthy of oil quality characteristics. Today the mileage of the car is 540000 thousand km.

During this time never saw smoke, in the engine of the car did not dig, the lubricant was always at the proper level. Only positive emotions are associated with this motor oil. Recommend.

Gennady, VAZ 21063

Bought his Shah hand from a friend. At that point on the speedometer, I could see the numbers 62 thousand km of mileage. I’ve got more than 300 thousand, and the engine still works like a clock. Lew Mannol semi-synthetic with molybdenum (black liquid).

Replace produce every 15 thousand km, the engine Oil does not eat, the waste is not consumed, and the motor is more or less clean. In the cold of problems with the launch of the power unit was not, in minus 32 car started quietly.

rarely climbed Under the hood,and then only because of minor flaws. Rings once the piston was replaced, the chain replaced, adjusted the tensioner with damper – here in General that and all. At the moment, even the ear with a native plant stand.

Very pleased with this oil, definitely recommend to buy. Testing after the replacement give a friend, his Muscovite 72 model year. He manages to roll a dozen more on the swallow of the Soviet automobile industry. Oil class!!!

Sergey, Kia Sorento

Mannol Used it only once. Bought grease Polish filling viscosity 5W40. Did it knowingly, after 4000 the car engine just grunted.

Nicholas, IZH 27175

Bought the first Siskin back in 2003. Winter used Mannol molybdenum, summer changed to Mannol Safari with the addition of ER. The mileage is 140 thousand km was in autoaway, the car was damaged beyond repair.

So I decided to sell for parts. The guy who bought the engine, immediately gave a specialist for defects. The response of the mechanic was great, the motor was clean as if has not yet passed testing. Long afterwards I was beaming with joy.

12-year took again IICA. Pour all in the summer Mannol Safari, winter – Mannol molybdenum. On this second I passed already 185 thousand km, complaints aren’t present any.

But a fly in the ointment still caught in a barrel. Last winter, it seems, the apparently, got on a falsification as bed of a camshaft was all black, as from an Autol. This never happened before.

Rustam, Toyota Corolla

ZIC used to be a part of my driving life, but lately the lubricant has become not the same, and is similar to the water, and about the engine and say nothing – some flaws.

Switched to Mannol Extreme 5W40. I use it for the second year. The motor runs quietly, the oil does not eat. Replacement interval – every 7000 km.

Vyacheslav, Toyota avensis (diesel)

Since the purchase of the car I use Mannol, as the oil was recommended by the manufacturer. Topping up never did, step substitutes stable – 15,000 km.

By independent testing of lubricants a little inferior to Castrol, but significantly wins in price, and this is an important indicator.

Andrew, VAZ 21154

With Novi Lew shell Helix Ultra 5W40 synthetics. The machine works fine on it. But as taxi, then the mileage obtained is large and is forced to change every 10 thousand move, and once in a month and a half.

the Oil is good, but it is too high now. I had to look for some similar analogue to suit the car and me.

Replaced with 5w40 extreme Mannol. Special difference in the operation did not notice, except that the hill a little more actively began to move and accelerate a little faster. The main thing is the cost , and the rest of the differences are small compared to the previous technical liquid. The product fully met expectations.

Anatoly, infinity FX35

Oil is normal. Straining the fact that bottling is produced in Russia. So that confidence in it 50 on 50, what in General will get. Buying 5W40, in fact is 15W40, so before filling it is necessary to check in the cold, leaving the sample with a bottle on the street.

Sergey, VAZ 21061

Many of my acquaintances say that Mannol oil is highly diluted and dries the oil seals. I do not think so myself, because I have been using it for years. In winter, I pour 100% synthetics, but when it’s warmer, I turn to a semi-synthetic product.

Edward, Citroen C4

More than half of my mates have been sitting on Mannol for a long time. The quality of the engine fluid is acceptable – still a European brand, and the price is very pleased. No one was disappointed.

Arthur, VAZ 21060

Wonderful engine oil, fill in the field and six for 5 years. No complaints from the work of the motor system. The machine motor is fully viable!

Nicholas, Toyota Mark 2

In my city for several years there was an official representative (dealer) of the company ADDINOL. Use only them, flow, no, and Yes was completely satisfied with the quality.

But then the dealer point went bankrupt and since then could not pick up oil with similar properties. Bought and carry 5W-50, Idemitsu of SEPRO 5W-40. The search ended when friends advised Mannol.

Poured elite 5W40 in November. The result — drove 5000 km, no complaints, and in minus 30 degrees starts without problems. While you like, let’s see how the lubricant will behave further.

Paul, VAZ 2113

I’m not the first owner of the car, took already hands in 2010. The previous owners poured Mannol semi-synthetic. Decided not to change. Nothing, everything is normal, oil practically does not burn. The engine is not capitalized, everything works well.

Igor, Audi A6

Lew car oil Mannol for 10 years. The machine is OK, and the price is satisfied. I would recommend to use.

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