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Масла марки Motul, обзор продукции

On this page you will find reviews of car owners about the French engine oil Motul (Motyul) of various modifications. The material is collected on the real impressions of drivers of cars of different brands on the basis of surveys. If you have a desire to share your own opinion, send a review via the comment form, and after moderation it will be published.

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Owner reviews about engine oil Motul

Alexey, Renault Logan

Every time you change the oil you need to go through a series of procedures, starting with the drain, and ending with a thorough washing. No matter how much money you save, you still get a big amount. Decided to try motor oil MOTUL 8100 X-cess 5W40, friends this synthetics as something recommended.

In the first two, three months, they all work fine, but then some begin to fail. But after Motyul I’ve heard that cars started to groan, like an old man.

Ilya, BMW

I have a Beemer ran almost 150 000 km without thorough repair, the engine also Motul 8100 Eco-energy have ever tasted. Changed every ten mileage and the slightest criticism for the entire distance covered.

And this is if you do not count the idle run, because taking into account the frosts, the machine sometimes threshes for 8 hours a day without ceasing, and I did not add an ounce of oil from replacement to replacement. Therefore, I believe Motyul a major brand among the world’s producers of petroleum products.

From fakes, of course, no one is immune, but here it is not necessary to clap your ears and buy cheap. And what they say about blackness, so there is nothing surprising that after tens of thousands of kilometers it turns black, because it means a good washing property and nothing more.


All that Motul positions as synthetics and semi-synthetics, in fact, the usual cheap hydrocracking. This is not unfounded, and the results of the tests showed. So it’s worth thinking – is it worth the money??

In addition, the pour point it is also messy – the range of 8100 safely thickens in the cold to -25, although promised at least -36.


I wonder who writes negative reviews?! In one usovice honored — Motyul bad oil, the other is bad and what is good then? Write, than unhappy with the, and importantly — where bought and from whom such oil.

And then take it is not clear in what alley uncle Vasya palenka, and then begin to whine that the oil is rubbish and the whole salary goes to him.

I, for example, Lew Motul 8100 X-cess 5W40 more than a year, I have Nissan Primera. Used mobile, in the summer it was nice, flow was less, but the winter is much thickened, while the viscosity of 5w in extreme cold the mornings were not to spin the motor.

And it requires frequent replacement, because it is strongly practiced. Replaced Motyul, and the problem did not go – not worried, not refilled or replaced. Everything’s fine.

Irina, Kia, Motul Specific from the model range DEXOS2 5w30

Long searched for, what engine oil to choose, ask around among friends, read reviews from other users and chose Motul Specific DEXOS2 5w30 synthetic option. The advantage in his favor was the approval of the concern General Motors, still a well-known firm.

And as it turned out, not in vain, the car just flies. I have Kia, bought a used car. So immediately once poured, I noticed that the engine is stopped to emit odd noises, that was before.

And fuel and oil consumption has decreased markedly, the color of mining remains almost transparent even after the passage of ten thousand kilometers.

Boris V.

Has anyone ever heard of high mileage on this oil? I have the oil business for years and know who module starts to drive the motor it’s commonplace to eat begins. Time to move on time to other oil — lucky, and who this thing is addictive, and then regret.

Something really not seen any cars on this oil and the high mileage. Maslitse so-so, budget option, the price is greatly overstated, it is not clear what take the money.

Of course, advertising at Motul extensive, everything is done to increase sales, otherwise who will buy a mediocre oil at this price.

Andrew, 5 years of experience.

When he first tried engine oil Motyul, was pleased with the engine running quite quietly.

After five thousand run noticed that the color has not changed much, but it’s a normal process, it happens even with high-quality engine oils and as I understand it – darkened, so it works, cleans. But «eat» the oil, the motor is stopped, often before fill had.

Vitaly, Mazda

This is the fourth year pour engine oil Motul and when going notice ease of movement. This car is not my first, in the use of other oils has a great experience, which ended in disappointment.

And here is the ease of engine immediately after filling. The motor works silently and this under constant work. The engine stops overheating.

Smooth operation of the main parts is not all the advantages, after replacing the old one, you can see that the color of the oil has not changed at all. Viscosity is also well preserved, high-quality oil.


I use the Motul for more than 10 years. Not going to boast that never had the oil topped up, this happened, but not deadly, according to the norm. On the same Gulf from the replacement to the replacement was held on 20 thousand kilometers.

Sometimes it happened that I forgot to change the oil in time or there were force majeure situations and ran on it for 50. However, then was afraid I’d squeal. Stopped at a service station, where it is always serviced my car, I had asked the workers to open the engine, to wash, to clean, seals to change, but I looked like a jerk, which is nothing to do.

Said compression all OK, the motor runs like a clock, oil consumption no. So far, the engine has never been disassembled or opened. So Motyul have shown themselves worthy in the heat and in the cold under 40, problems with start-up was not.


Bought a Mercedes 124 E300, there was already drenched Motyul. After that, he rolled another 6000 and the motor runs smoothly, does not smoke and does not knock, the oil level has not changed, the fumes of the slightest.

I am not going to change the brand, I know that it is made only in France, and it is famous for good oils, like Holland -tulips, cheeses and gays)) However, the main thing is not to run into pseudo-brands, not to buy a fake.

Vlad, Ford Ranger TD

Recently poured p/synthetic Motul 10w40. Now I can not understand – during cold starts in minimum freezing just below zero valve suddenly started tapping, and so as long as the engine is even slightly warmed. Early knock (at Castrol) started at -15. It’s kind of embarrassing.


Not believe those who writes that Motyul low-quality or from him accented problems, they drive on the cart. Have menyatoyota, bought a new and with first day Lew Motul Eco-energy 8100 5W30, the second year go on it and there is no claims to this oil, winter of or summer – without difference.

At us frosts reach 30 degrees and the car never brought, the engine works purely, without failures. I change the oil once a year, regardless of mileage, pass inspection on time and all without problems. Oil is excellent, however, expensive.


I’m not really a car owner. About this oil, pour it strictly into your bike. I use Motul 7100 and there are no problems at all. I used to use cheaper options, but in the end it turned into a problem.

So I think it’s better to pay a little more and go quietly. About 2 years together with motul and only positive impressions.

Valery, Opel

5 years pour motul 6100 with your hands and to me the first owner was pouring his own. Opel, 170,000 km run on this oil, the flight is excellent. Tried GM, ate a liter from the top, and threw back motyul.

I buy only from officials. Go to Internet, search for the point of sale on the official website, and will be happy the motor.


The worst oil at the moment is your Motul)

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