Reviews about Mitasu motor oil 5W40

Mitasu 5W-40, отзывы

This page contains reviews of car owners about mitasu Motor Oil 5W-40 (Japan). Everyone can get acquainted with the real impressions of drivers of cars of different brands. If you have something to say about MITAS 5W40 oil, send a review via the comment form and after moderation it will be published.

Mitasu 5W-40, отзывы

Real reviews of oil Mitasu 5W-40

Alexander, Toyota Camry

I bought a used car, it was already filled with oil. What exactly I do not know, but it was all black, so I decided to immediately replace. Arriving at the shop, asked the seller, he advised oil Mitasu Cl-4 5w40. I bought 5 liters.

I have never regretted my choice in the last 6 years. The first time poured after a thorough cleaning of the engine. After a while I noticed that it darkened. But it didn’t turn black, it just turned brown. From this we can conclude that it works well.

Very pleased with the fact that it is rarely necessary to change. No sign of scaling after using Mitasu 5W40 remains. The car starts even in the cold season.

Sergey, Nissan Qashqai

For my Qashqai Mitasu synthetic 5w40 attention. Pleased that it should be changed rarely, the consumption is small. Besides, add had very little, unless of course, there is such a need.

The price is inexpensive, optimally suited for different engines. Just checked myself on two different machines. The engine runs quietly, without interruption. Earlier it was necessary to warm up the car in the winter, now even in the most severe frost – sat down and went. No problems with the engine is not observed yet. I use oil for almost 3 years.

Alexey, Nissan

Personally, I did not feel any advantages when I poured mitasu SN 5W-40 motor fat into my car. Maybe I got a fake because I bought the can at the car market.

After a few thousand miles the engine began to flounder. Starts not immediately, as it was even on the same Mobile. After checking the engine, I noticed traces of production waste on the visible internal parts.

But a friend said that he took the oil in the showroom, and he was fine. So there is nothing to say I will not. I liked the price, so I decided to try. But for each machine still need to individually select consumables, so my opinion is purely subjective.

Oleg, Toyota Corolla

More recently used Mitasu 5w40 for its engine. But then I tried the zero Line and realized that Mitasu oil is good, but there are much better. It is normal to cope in sub-zero temperatures.

The engine starts without pre-heating and works without interruption. No noise also can’t hear when driving. Scale as such in the analysis of the engine did not notice, but my car had to change it often. The expense was too great.

Yes and compared with my new preference, Mitasu trails and in some other qualities. But it is cheaper, so many people choose it. The quality is fully consistent with the price.

Dmitry, Mazda

If you take synthetic Mitasu 5w40 official, it is possible to prevent the liquid to outright forgery. The oil is good for my engine it came. No special complaints I have not caused.

The canister is convenient, you can also pour without any difficulties. If using a watering can, then throw him hard enough. The car starts in the winter is quite normal. The engine runs silently and without any interruptions.

Oil is not consumed too quickly, which can not but rejoice. Quite a budget option, which makes it affordable for many.

Eugene, Mazda Premacy

Car brought from Germany. It was already used, but in perfect condition. When buying all checked, everything worked without any obvious problems. Came to the showroom with a question, what is better to pour oil. Advised Mitasu 5W-40.

And took it, hoping that it is not the cheapest and once you recommend something really good. But the result was simply disappointed. The consumption of it is just crazy. They say that it is a feature of the Mazda, but I don’t think so.

Then the plant engine began to appear some strange blue smoke. There was no smell of burning. In the analysis of the engine was found that the oxidation on it was not, it just looked too much zakonserwowania. Then moved on to LUKOIL, what unspeakably happy, because them do not.

Alexey, Mazda

I used to use Castrol. But the car I had was completely different. After buying the Mazda, I decided to go on Metaco 5V-40. At first, after the first 10,000 kilometers I did not feel any changes.

But it takes some time the engine stops making noises and no longer knocks. When checking the oil remains transparent and the color has not changed. Then decided to change the oil and merged the old into a transparent container.

I was surprised that the purity remained almost the same. The viscosity has not changed either. There is not even had to use an additional detergent.

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