Reviews about ZIC gear oil 80w-90

ZIC 80w-90, отзывы

In this section, the attention of drivers are reviews of car owners about the transmission oil ZIC 80w90. If you have experience in the use 80w90 ZIC , share it with the rest, and send your feedback via the comments form. Immediately after moderation it will be published.

ZIC 80w-90, отзывы

Real reviews of ZIC 80w-90 oil

Roman, Lada Priora

Car bought with it (not new), so I decided to replace the oil in the gearbox. The previous owner didn’t specify that filled in. Choice its I stopped on synthetics ZIC (each advised).

In General, not a bad option, but it seemed to me that it is too thick, and in the winter, in the cold, the lever of the gearbox can not be moved. You have to wait a long time when the car warms up. Not recommended for use winter.

Victor, VAZ 2114

I believe that all oils are made the same way. When choosing only the characteristics are important, not the brand, and it is necessary to understand in what conditions it will be used.

For example, ZIC 80W-90 oil works perfectly at ambient temperatures up to 25C, So it is not suitable for low temperatures, which are typical for most regions. Well, in a warm climate — very good oil.

Nicholas, Honda Accent

My review short. Semi-synthetic Zeke 80W 90 for transmission I like, as on physical properties, so and on availability of. Poured into the mechanics and the rear axle. During operation I noticed that the gear shift light, and when the box is not noisy.

About the use in severe frosts can not say anything (read the reviews, which becomes very thick) I live in a warm area, so only positive comments.

Ivan, Lada 2109

With confidence I can say — this oil is only a summer option. But if you want to go in the winter, then, please buy ZIC 75W-85 and problems will not be (tested on personal experience).

Igor, Lada Priora

After 15000 km I decided to change the oil in the gearbox. Today on the market a huge range, choose what you want. Therefore, when buying guided by the recommendations and advice of reputable comrades.

Stopped on synthetic oil ZIC 80W-90. What can you say about it? Its characteristics are very viscous, due to this noise disappears in the box (apparently the oil fills the clearances in the mechanism), gears are switched softly.

Though in winter it is better not to use already tried and at a temperature of around minus 26 lever «was Valentinovka» so don’t move. But with a good warm-up of the car box comes to life. In General, the oil is excellent.

Oleg, VAZ 2110

Long chose, the characteristics revealed that TRANSMISSIONI Zeke with a viscosity of 80W-90 for the box my tens quite suitable. It was the end of winter. Immediately felt that the oil costumee, a gear lever on the cold began to move with an effort.

Hoping that it will drop the noise on fifth on the factory fill of unpleasant howled. This hope, alas, was also not justified. For me, this Korean oil does not justify its price, especially when you consider that the existing problems have not disappeared and new ones have been added.

Zhenya, VAZ 2114

I do not know much about oils, so I mainly focus on reviews on the Internet. Heard a lot about ZIC oil, decided to try. Advantages are noticed right away. The constant rattling of the box lever stopped, the work became silent.

Near the house there is a shop of auto parts, where this oil is always available and at a reasonable price. And I really liked the packaging.

Alexander, Lada Grant

Your produce choices based on the instructions of the passport of the vehicle (given a list of recommended consumables), as well as the physical characteristics of the oil. In the end, stopped at ZIC 80W 90. Oil of the same brand and use in the engine.

I like that when driving I can not hear the noise boxes (I have manual), due to the high viscosity. Trasmission synthetic Zeke does not foam, unlike many analogues, even those that are filled by default at the factory.

Shurik, Lada Kalina

I do not recommend this oil. I explain my position: I, like most of the population of our country, live in a region where winter lasts 6 months, and frequent temperature changes.

And since the oil is thick and has low fluidity, in severe frosts, the lever of the box is simply impossible to move, which to put it mildly causes negative emotions. So I would not recommend the transmission ZEKE 80W 90, and looked for something else.

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