Reviews of Chevron oils

Отзывы о моторном масле Шеврон

Here are the reviews of car owners about Chevron engine oil of different types. The information was selected on the real impressions of the drivers on the basis of surveys. If you want to share your opinion about Chevron brand lubricants, please send feedback via the comment form and it will be published after moderation.

Отзывы о моторном масле Шеврон

Reviews of engine oil Chevron

Simon, GAZ 3102 DVS 406

I use Chevron oil for a long time. I fill every 10 thousand km. It is to my liking. Solid four in quality, does not differ from branded counterparts, but the cost is still cheaper. My parents also use this oil.

The father fills in his Mazda (Engine FE) synthetics and semi-synthetics mother pours into his «Corolla». None of them complain, everyone is happy. From positive qualities I shall note, that oil perfectly washes vnutryanku engine.

Recently capitalized «Corolla» — all clean, no trace of soot. The composition is suitable for cars of any production, as long as the engine was uprated.

I note another advantage of lubrication Chevron, for all the time of use never faced with a fake. I think this is due to little known in our country.

Andrew, The Toyota Rated

I want to point out about the heat. I use Chevron lubricant mixture for more than 3 years, both on my Toyota and family Mitsubishi Minik. For the season only one topping, and a little – just 100 grams. It turns out that there is almost no fumes.

In addition to the positive emotions about the composition, I want to negatively note the sellers of products, which vparivali me false information that semisynthetics 10W30 does not happen at all, although he saw and held a can with a similar oil. Their absolute ignorance sometimes is simply amazing!

Docnik, Acura MDX

Pouring Chevron 5W30 into the third car. Therefore, they can say with 100% guarantee that the quality of the lubricant has no equal. The main thing is to observe reasonable replacement intervals.

Alex34region, VAZ 2114

I got acquainted with the oil back in 2012, when the canister had to pay 700 rubles, which was an acceptable price for me. I decided to try semi-synthetics with a viscosity of 10W40. Not regret.

Each time you change the lubricant and change the filter Mann. Problems never arose, even in minus 25 degrees it was easily got. The only thing that worries me is the price hike. This year I bought as much for as much as 1600 rubles.

What else is interesting, the oil is now not everywhere you can find. Sellers say that the type of import substitution and therefore difficult to import. So one had to buy the Chevron, and shell Helix HX7 10W-40 at the recommendation of a friend.

Better not buy. Burnt with this oil in practice. The composition is not exactly to my swallows. The engine of the car began to behave differently, sometimes spat, compression in valves fell, and in the winter the car was started through time – as a result often was late for work and on important Affairs.

Thank God, everything went well. Changed the grease back to a proven Chevron, now everything is back to normal.

Vladimir, VAZ 21043

Fill Chevron Supreme 15W40 for quite a long time. Oil happy. The replacement is done once in 10 thousand miles. If the mileage is less, then try to stick to the annual schedule, as they fear consequences.

During the winter cold weather problems with starting the engine was not observed, and in the summer the oil adequately keeps the structure and does not liquefy. During the replacement, working out looks decent, but I do not dare to ride it – I let it for technical needs, there it will definitely come in handy.

I think that this oil is the most optimal for our cars. That would be even lower cost, then all would be gorgeous.

Konstantin, Toyota Nadia

Always enjoyed oils Chevron, but in the last time their the quality of leaves much to be desired. They’re dying, and I’m not the only one. All my friends noticed it. Some switched to shell, others to Petro-Canada motor oils. I guess I should change, too.

Kirill, Nissan Cefiro

In 2001 has acquired Japanese model car Nissan. Couldn’t get enough. Of the oils, the choice was stopped at the Chevron, so I thought a perfect correlation price – quality. It has paid off. Even in the terrible cold the car behaves adequately and well start.

Alexey, Honda Accord

Used it once when I had a ten. Oil as oil, nothing bad not do you say, perhaps, only for Vase and can be use. Not venture to pour in its Japanese girl, chose another.

Valery, Ford Focus

I’ve been using a half-blue Chevron for two years. The quality of the oil is good, fake never caught the eye. At the moment I go to Castrol, as the Chevron was not on sale at the desired time.

Edgar, Volkswagen Passat

I have from this oil Havoline 10 40 covered oil pump. Mesh mosapramine was jammed shut. On the block and in the crankcase, the soot was a finger thick.
Disaster in one word

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